Is this going to hold up my tax refund?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by an_evans, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Feb 17, 2006
    I just got a notice saying we may owe more taxes for 2007. I know what the problem is and I have till Feb 4th to respond. I am going to have to get a hold of my husbands former employer and get the paperwork. I may have to ask for the 30 day extension to respond.

    I was hoping to file my return by the 16th and get my refund in the first wave. I am thinking I shouldn't hold my breath on that now.....right?

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    It might. I am no expert but something similar happened to us. About 8 years ago DH changed jobs in March. His Jan-Feb employer submitted his info twice. Flash forward to 5 years ago. We get a letter from the IRS stating that we did not claim X.XX on our taxes and we owe money. I contacted an accountant that told me to fix the prblem then file. If the IRS thinks you owe they will take it and if they owe you they will give you a refund, later. I would take care of this problem before I file. There are no "slipping one by" the IRS. When I sent the IRS a letter from previous emplyer admitting the mitske the IRS sent us a reply within a couple of weeks. It really will not take a long time.
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    They may withhold the amount requested from your refund, but you will get the difference as usual. I had to prove my employer's mistake and received the rest of my refund once it was settled. It's a pain, but I didn't want to lose the money.

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