Is there anything you hate??


Earning My Ears
Feb 3, 2002

When i went to disney last year i absolutley hated the country bears jamboree!! I was wondering if anyone else didn't like some thing at disney? let me know!!!

Ok, I know this is probably a strange response to this question, but I couldn't stand the stupid blow dryer at the Polynesian! That thing had practically NO power and was attached so close to the wall. It did such a bad job of drying my hair, it looked horrible even after I used a straightener to unpuff my hair. The rest of my vacation I wore my hair up lol. Hmm, I'm trying to think of rides and stuff I don't like, but nothing comes to mind.
Hate the Country Bear Jambory?! (Don't tell Lola that :D )

I can't think of anything that I hate in WDW, but if I do, I'll post it.

Ok, there is only one thing that I hate in all of Disney World and that is It's a Small World. That song just gets on my nerves. I refuse to go on it! Luckily for me my parents and most of my friends don't like it either!

There's actually nothing I really hate at WDW. There's some things that aren't really my favorites, but nothing that I hate so much that I won't go on it or see it.
hate is such a strong word.. but i i do dislike something! they changed the game at TAPP tree and i REALLY dislike the new one!! it sucks!! you play it once and you know all the answers!! its annoying!! they even gave me a peice of paper that says that if the game is going on to long that i can cheat!! thats how said it is!!
Hate is a strong word, and sucks isn't? just busting your chops :)

What's TAPP though?

What's HISTA?

Long abbreviations, I can't comprehend. :rolleyes:

One time I tried abbreviating Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- BLSRS and nobody understood it. :p
Lines!!! :p

But seriously, I don't know what I "dislike" in WDW...I'll get back to you later!
For some reason I really can't stand the little Mermaid show. I've never had a good experience on it and the actresses just don't do the mermaid justice. I know they try their best but I just can't stand it!! When my family does that I go see another show or do the GMR.

There isn't anything I really hate, but I really don't like the new Imagination ride. It's pretty pointless, and the old one w/ Figment was sooo much better.
thanks everyone!!!!!! its a shame that i am the only one who hates country bears jamboree!!!!!!

omg! I LVOE CBJ....nothing good ever beat Big Al...I just laugh after seeing him! :)

nothing i dont like....AK isnt my thing at all...I would prefer to skip it but my bros loves it

other than that there is nothing
I hate how things are soo expensive down there. I nearly spent most of my mony just buying drinks. And i dont want to nit pick but i think prices for tickets and hotels are way too overpriced. how many people cant enjoy the experience of a delux resort because of the cost?
I agree about the prices King Kobra. Disney gets all of its Coke free, but still charges these ridiculous prices, just because they can.

As for things I dislike (are you sitting comfortably?:rolleyes: ):

Space Mountain
Most of the 100 years celebration
The fact that all the gift shops sell the same thing
Winnie the Pooh
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Alien Encounter
El Rio de Tiempo

But apart from that, I love it all :D
Smiler, your not the only one!!! (well kinda) I only go during December and they have that stupid Christmas special. Yuck!!! Is the regular one better? Also I don't like Alien Encounter. It scared the pants off me!! I also HATE that pins cost 6 ot 12 dollars. Can you say expensive. At Universal they are only 4 dollars.


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