Is there a ride/attraction you won't go on?


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Feb 27, 2015
I have a few: Rock--n-roller Coaster (can't do the upside down stuff), Space Mountain (dark!) , Soarin', MIssion to Mars (won't even try the 'gentle" version) and Flight of Passage
attractions: the circle-vision movies at EPCOT make me dizzy

I'm perfectly happy to ride the bench while the family enjoys these rides.


Jan 24, 2014
Mission space, the tea cups, star tours and flight of passage. Millennium falcon was rough, too.

I’m starting to notice that if I do too many roller coasters in a day, I feel a bit sick.

I used to be able to do Everest and RnR twice in a row but not anymore. Sometimes, i tell the kids to ride without me since they’re starting to make me queasy. I think it’s getting worse as I get older. When I look around, I’ve been noticing that I’m the oldest person going on some of these rides!
  • DuskKodesh

    Marvel Hero in Training
    Aug 11, 2019
    Definitely Space mtn., Big thunder Mtn. Primeval Whirl, Rocking Roller coaster, Mission Space, TOT, Everest, Dinosaur because ow, my spine!

    Gonna attempt Seven Dwarves Mine train next trip though! And the Falcon ride. Hoping I can do them. Was gonna try test track but refurbishment killed that one.


    DIS Veteran
    Sep 16, 2014
    There aren't any at WDW I won't go on, but a few I'm fine with skipping.

    If we expand it to Universal, though--Rip Ride Rockit. I like roller coasters. Scratch that, I love roller coasters. But RRR has laughably low capacity, leading to absurd wait times, and then when you get on the thing it turns out they've built that vertical hill just for show and didn't actually know what to do with all the speed you pick up as a result--they have brakes along the track to slow the cars back down, and it still exerts too much force and gave me a headache. Not worth it.
  • petrola

    Mar 7, 2012
    There aren’t any at WDW or Universal that I won’t go on but we just got back from SeaWorld and I could not bring myself to go on Mako. 😛 ( Manta was fun though!)


    Earning My Ears
    Jul 13, 2019
    The only one I haven’t tried yet is the intense version of Mission Space. Everything else I love. Every time i go to Epcot I vow to ride it, but I always get too scared. But I’m determined to do it in December when I’m there next!
  • snappy

    Apr 15, 2002
    Space, RNR, Everest, mission space, Star tours, Primevil whirl. Teacups. Avoid spinning and most roller coasters.

    I will sometimes ride Big Thunder but about ready to move on from it too. Too much else to use those precious FP’s on.


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 24, 2009
    Mission space, RnR, teacups, ToT! I’ve never ridden RnR or Mission Space. The last time on ToT I thought they’d never stop dropping us! Never again! I don’t love Tomorrow Land Speedway. DH usually rides it with DGS but I’d do it in a pinch!


    Rey is my hero
    Sep 15, 2006
    The only one I haven’t done at all is RnR; I don’t like dark coasters. I’ve done ToT a couple times because I love the Twilight Zone, but I hate the actual ride and only do it maybe once a decade. As I’ve aged Everest is less fun unless I’m in the front (milder ride) and I have to skip MS: Orange unless I want to lie down for the next hour. My teenage self who wanted them to make MS: Red with *more* Gs is very disappointed in me.

    chris benton

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    Oct 17, 2016
    Probably not the intention of your question, but I like to veer from the norm:

    Buzz: It stinks. I search for fastpasses while everyone does Buzz.

    IASW: at the end, when the boats get stacked up, and you're waiting to get off. That haunting song, and the dolls. Horror movies could use those scenes.

    Gran Fiesta Tour: I am not sure why this exists. I'm pretty sure the Imagineers just threw it together as a joke.

    Figment: I don't think much needs to be said.

    As far as being scared? Nothing scares me as much as....Astro Orbiter. But I love the views. I'll go on any coaster, anywhere, anytime. But the rides like Astro Orbiter in theme parks kinda scare the &*&^% out of me. Especially when those old bolts start creaking. I still go on AO, but I avoid those in other theme parks. At our 6 flags, it's called "The Condor." If AO was on the ground like Aladdin, I'd be ok. Those views tho - especially at night....


    Feb 11, 2014
    Sadly the list of rides that are no longer enjoyable keeps expanding as I age ever so gracefully. Tea cups and Mission Space where the first to go. Flight of passage makes the list, Space Mountain just crossed over and Rock 'N is now borderline. Big thunder is still fun as long as I've not had a meal recently. Interestingly, the Hagrid coaster over at Universal was a hoot! I'm thinking that being the "driver" on the motorcycle is something my brain is familiar with so the motion effects are not as bad.


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    Aug 16, 2014
    I'm claustrophobic and would gladly skip Mission Space: Green but my son loves it and he can't ride alone so on I'll go. For us, the attractions we skip are the ones that suck up too much park time, so, shows. We've done CoP once but never again (it's great for nursing a baby and getting a nap in, though!) We likewise will probably never do Hall of Presidents, the Liberty Riverboat, most of the Epcot shows/films, and most shows at DHS although we do plan on watching the Little Mermaid this trip and always catch the Muppet 3D movie. At AK, FoTLK and the Finding Nemo are great and we would watch them again if we give AK a full day.


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