Is there a cure for a bug bite?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by maddi, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Aug 20, 2005
    It seems I have been bitten by the bug! No visible rash, no itching, no bumps, but the Disney bug has truely bitten me. There's no cure for the Disney Bug Bite! So my life has changed forever.

    2 years ago, I booked our first trip just to let our children experience Disney, the second trip was to make up for the poor vacation we had the last time. Now, it's because I can't imagine not going to WDW while on vacation.

    I used to...

    In the started with a cup of coffee before I have to check DIS, especially the Budget boards, and drink my coffee in the car from a free travel mug.

    I used to check out the local news on the I check for new Mr. Depp pics(thank you Maddhatir!!) He is not as depressing as the news by far!

    I dreaded the mailbox full of junkmail and I practially mug the poor mailman to see what wonders he is delivering today.

    I would have never dreamth of breaking a dollar bill for a $1.01(I would have borrowed a penny from the penny cup), now I would never dream of taking a penny in the penny cup at a store. That 99 cents belongs to my change jar.

    I was the one who just paid whatever an airline I use ding, kayak, and travelaxe and would never dream of paying regular price for airline tickets.

    I used to pack just the essentials and bought something if we needed it. Now I pack one suitcase for the what-ifs Plus a purse full of glowsticks, Cm thank you cards, and what-nots to hand out to guests and CM.

    I used to wear whatever shoes I happen to have and pray my feet would make it's crocs or nothing for me.

    I used to deep in the bottom of my purse for quarters and pennies, now I carry a M&M tube full where ever we go.

    I used to shop for items and paid I have to have a code or coupon or I'm not buying it.

    Before the Adult vacation each year was 2 weeks in my dream vacation is going to WDW without the children to experience Epcot and around the world.

    Ohhh the bug has bitten me and bitten me good. I came home from our last vacation and was online within an hour checking out everything for next years trip.

    So yes dear Dis Friends...I am now an addict for DIS. It's my three-times a day and more on the weekends fix. Life is GOOD, bug or no bug! Even though DH is wondering if there is a cure!
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    Jul 23, 2004

    Welcome to the club! Looks like you've not only gotten a bug bite but picked up a lot of good new habits as well!
  3. MommyMouse

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    Apr 25, 2005
    461 truly is an addiction, isn't it? And one couldn't find a finer bunch of people either :grouphug: I am taking DS12 to my nephews Army Graduation in MO in Nov. We are only there for 3 days, but you can bet I'll me taking the laptop with me to "check-in" with the Diser's. Oh yeah....and thanks to a freebie post this week, I'll get free connection at the airports! :banana: :Pinkbounc

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