Is that sundae all for me????? Day Eleven

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    Well, we didn't wake up to a screaming baby today; it was a screaming toddler instead. LOL I guess the walls in the All Star hotels are very thin? No big deal though, after all, we're in Disney! We took the bus to Epcot and went directly on Spaceship Earth. We hadn't been to Living Seas yet on this trip so that was our next stop. We got there in time to watch them feed the fish. Was that ever interesting!! The fish knew it was time as suddenly they all went to the same place. You couldn't even see the diver from all the fish surrounding him! The CM talked about what a difference it would make if we all stopped to pick up some garbage off the street. Less polution would get into the ocean. It has made me want to do more for the environment.

    We then went back to the Land. You may have noticed that we go there a lot! We got a FP for the ride and went up to the Annual Pass Lounge. We got some drinks and went to watch Food Rocks again. I just love all the little tidbits of information in the waiting room. Dh loves the line from Neil Sedaka's song, "Don't you leave me with that broccoli". hee hee We then went on the land ride again. Our tour guide had been there too long I think as he was basically talking in monotone. No personality whatsoever! We did the Imagination ride again and found ourselves singing along! I wonder if people think we're nuts when we're in WDW??

    Next stop was Innoventions West. We sent some emails to friends and family and did the IBM hunt for treasure & designing. I didn't do too badly. Dh did better, but that's not a surprise! We quickly did the Mexico ride next and almost had to run to the American building to hear the Liberty Singers. They're just fantastic!! We noticed that they now have more dialogue since September 11th. The soprano is just phenomenal. As we continued through World Showcase, we caught Mo' rockin from Morocco. The female dancer/singer looked like a brunette Phoebe from Friends. Both dh and I couldn't get over it! We caught A Statue Act from France just before it started to downpour. The female statue was having a ball with the guests. Some of the little kids didn't quite know what to think! It was hilarious.

    We quickly left Epcot and went to have lunch at Beaches & Cream at the Yaht Club. Knowing that we both wanted dessert, we decided to split a burger and then go on to dessert. Dh ordered a sundae with chocolate ice cream and strawberry topping. Yuck! I ordered the fudge mudslide. Honestly, I really didn't know it would be soooooo big. When our waiter brought it out, the whole restaurant started cheering and hollering. You'd think I ordered the kitchen sink! hee hee I had mint chocolate icecream with the hot fudge sauce and brownie & oreo. I tried to eat it. I gave it an honest effort. When dh finished his sundae, he started to help me with mine. Even then, we just couldn't finish it. As I type this........I wish I could finish it NOW! LOL What an incredible lunch!

    It was still pouring rain when we finished so we decided to just relax on the rocking chairs at the hotel and wait for the rain to pass. When it passed, we took the boat to MGM and walked right onto RRC. Next was TofT. We had a really fun group with us this time round. They were laughing and joking all the way through. We decided to try the animation tour again. This time it functioned perfectly. Having Robbin Williams as a cartoon seemed perfect! By now it was only 10 minutes left until Fantasmic began. We decided to just try to get in. Well, not only did we get in, we even managed to get seats in the centre, 4 rows from the front! When there's only two of you, you can fit in small sections. We were thrilled not to have to wait the usual hour before the show.

    After the show, we took the bus back to the hotel. In the food court, we suddenly remembered that the pin trading weekend was fast approaching. The seating area was PACKED with people and their knapsacks of pins. It was a sight to see! We had a quick swim and were out like a light.
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    I am enjoying yout trip report! The ice cream at B & C is hard to beat! Thanks for posting!
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    Nothing like Fantasmic to end your day!

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