Is September crowded?

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Apr 4, 2001
I'm starting to plan a vacation in early September - I heard it was less crowded. Now I heard that there was a Disney Convention last year and it was VERY crowded!??! Is this right? Is this every year?? My husband suffers from Anxiety and would have much easier time with less crowds.
We went 2 years ago in september. But it was time for hurricane Floyd. But it was not that bad!
1- I prefer de weather.
2- Less crowded.
My advice would be to plan your trip a little later in September. We went the last week of September last year and found crowds to be fine. My husband doesn't like being in crowds either and he had a good time. I believe the longest we waited in line was approximately 10 minutes. Most rides we walked right on or were on within 5 minutes. The weekend was busier than the week days when we went.

we were there Sept 8th last yr for 10 days and the crowds were very light. i would say go for it, I was there this past Feb and it was crowded .
We were at the BC from September 11-21, 2000 and the longest wait we had (just once) was 20 minutes! Patience is not my virtue and I had absolutely no problems with crowds. The only somewhat negative situation we experienced during that time were the lovebugs. They don't bite; they're just annoying (and gross!). But it hasn't deterred us from visiting as we're going back again this year (but just a little earlier - from September 6-15th). We're just counting the time until then!!!

Enjoy and have a great time!
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