Is Journey To Atlantis Scary???


Earning My Ears
Feb 13, 2002
I am not a big fan of roller coasters. I've never been on Tower Of Terror at WDW. The Jurassic Park ride at IOA is basically my limit at this point. How bad is the main drop on Journey To Atlantis? How about are the other drops?? Is anything else about the ride scary?? I would really love to try it. I just need to know more about it. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
I didn't think it was scary...

But the roller coaster part was a fun suprise. You do the water drop thinking you are done and the lady cackles "Leaving so soon, I think not".... and you go up a little, very little lift and do a little bit of a hill and turn.

It was a surprise more than scary to me.

The drop seems just as long/far than the Jurassic Park one, but I don't know the exact dimensions. You know you are going to hit the hill in JTA (Atlantis) because you see the evil womens face and then you go down, its fast but fun

Really you should try it once, its not bad. Then you could get adventourous and do Kraken!
Yes do it.
The indoor part is cool where Elise is showing you the way.
Elise is a little pony creature that looks like a sea horse. The horse magically stays ahead of the boat by moving thru the trees as lights. Near the end the horse shoots over the boat as a water jet, where she pops up saying no, no, no as the boat heads for the first lift hill past a bad creature. The special effects are cool, you'll just have to see it.
If you went on JP then you can handle JTA The first drop feels about the same on each ride. The last part of JTA is over real fast. It's a dive to the left, back to the right, and a splash down. Everyone comes off the ride laughing. Put the kids in the front row, you in the 2nd row, and if the boat is full, they'll get wet and you'll laugh.
If you can ride Jurassic Park, you can ride this. JTA is no more scary than JPRA.

And robvia, I believe the Greek fisherman has a heavy accent and pronounces it Elise. Isn't it Hermes? Or am I just crazy? It's an insignificant detail anyway...;)
I know, there's so much story behind this ride that noone knows about. You can't pick it up by going thru the queue.

It is Elise, it may be spelled Elyse. Maybe Hermes is the name of the bad god.
Anyway, the humans find Atlantis and go check it out, but there are bad gods that don't want them there. So Elise is showing them the way for a news crew, and then things turn ugly when they venture too far into Atlantis.

They used to have the entire story on, but this site went down and now it's called Wish they'd bring back the content of the site. Robert wrote the best reviews.

There are so many little secrets to parks that most people don't know about. Like the hidden Mickey's at Disney. Or the full story of Deuling Dragons. Lot's of little secrets about objects you see at IOA. You just can't pick it all up from the queue line.
Here is the story:

"After untold eons, Atlantis rises in the harbor of a quaint Greek fishing village, spurring a modem, full-scale media invasion. the ancient city radiates anew, revealing glorious Greek temples and rolling Mediterranean hills. The main temple looms large, crowned with a radiant dome that shines like a beautiful blue beacon, but inside, dark secrets dwell within the mysterious maze. The magnificent building surges with water and shakes with unearthly sounds. Guests make their way past the media horde and board rickety Greek fishing boats. Without warning, an ominous current tugs at the boats and, as the journey begins, reality retreats in the distance. A wise, old Greek fisherman offers the only protection against the Sirens: a golden seahorse that magically metamorphoses into Hermes, a glittering guide. Immediately, the battle between Hermes and the Sirens is on and riders, caught in the clash, twist, dive and dodge through uncharted waters at speeds up to 50 mph."

It's Hermes I say, HERMES!
I didn't find either drop scary (no more so than Jurassic Park or Ripsaw Falls anyway).

I agree that the story line is impossible to follow. I had the gist prior to the ride from reading info here, but never would have gotten the story relayed above from the experience. The sound stinks and the timing of the effects is poor which equates to bad theming. If you can't follow the theming without memorizing the story first, there's a problem.

I really hope SeaWorld perks this one up a bit. It just doesn't have the attention to details that Universal or WDW rides seem to have and, other than the thrill of the flume, was basically confusing and unenjoyable.


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