Is it possible to un-link tickets from one MDE account and link to another?


DIS Veteran
Feb 3, 2007
I have booked the campsite for September for my husband and I and two friends. I set all this up on my MDE account. We then linked four Halloween Party tickets to the account which was all fine. they were hard tickets. My husband and I also have 14 days tickets which are linked ok but now our friends have bought two one day tickets to HS (for Star Wars) but unfortunately, without thinking they set up their own MDE account and purchased that way so tickets have automatically linked to their MDE account. Normally wouldn't be a problem but the Campsite reservation is in my name so I need their tickets on my account so I can book FP for them now (60 day window already here).

Does anyone know how I can get their tickets moved without having to call Disney, or is that the only way?

Thank you


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