Is it an absuloute Necessary to use a 2- way radio with 38 subcodes for the parks?


May 13, 2001
I have older 2 way radios that work fine for distance (up to 2 miles) but now they have all those newer ones with it foolish to bring my older ones- or do NEED to buy those new ones with the privacy 38 sub codes? Thank you.
Yes! I borrowed a friend's set of radios without sub-channels over a year ago. There was way too much cross-talk on the major channels to be able to hear a darn thing. Last year I picked up 6 (!) Cobra 250's for only $39 each plus a $20 rebate, so I only paid $19 each. These work great with each other and they also work with another friend's Motorolas.
Yes! You definitely need the subchannels. You will have way too much cross traffic if you don't. And judging by the number of posts, it seems as if more and more people are using radios in the parks.
im not sure...but if you're arent gonna split up you dont really need them

but i think subchannels would be a good idea
We saw a lot more 2 way radios in the parks this year than last. It was ridiculous.
And I don't know how anyone could hear a thing. It was all static and everyone was having to try to find a quiet place (yea, right), cover their one ear and yell into the walkie talkies.:rolleyes:
The crowds were just not there last month and even then the noise level was loud, between the park music, transportation, parades and people. I can see where they would be handy. But....
And just like cell phones, it was just chit chat, from what we couldn't help but to overhear. Whatcha doing? Were are at? How are you? What do you want to do later? Did you just get up? What should we wear?


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