Is Disney Springs a waste of time ?


DIS Veteran
Mar 2, 2017
My family likes it just so it can check out the various small vendor's selling cool and different gift ideas for friends and family. There are some cool food spots too!

But alas, it's not somewhere I would plan for more so a place that we can visit if we need a break from the norm or to just check out different gift ideas.


Feb 22, 2018
We stayed onsite at CBR and just made DIsney Springs part of our Typhoon Lagoon day. To travel between Typhoon Lagoon and the hotels you had to go to Disney Springs to change buses anyway, so we'd take a couple of hours then to wander round.

I read that they've changed the bus routes so this is no lopnger necessary, so we'll probably give Disney Springs a miss altogether next time we go.


Aussie Wendy
Jan 7, 2014
For us Disney Springs is a must do. We typically spend a full day or two there.
We don't buy a huge amount of stuff but we really enjoy some of the restaurants there and the I really like the vibe of the place.
The Lego Store is a great spot to let kids play, we love the massive World of Disney Store. Characters in Flight balloon is a lot of fun, Coca Cola store isn't something that you see everyday.


Earning My Ears
May 28, 2019
I know a lot of people use Disney Springs as their 'rest' day. Personally I use it as my check in day. I think it's a fun place to go and shop if your family is into that. It's not for everyone tho, there are some kid rides, but its mostly shopping and restaurants


Dec 12, 2018
I love DS for arrival and/or departure day. It's a great place to grab a bite and have some drinks. I still haven't seen a movie there, though, (But then again, if you've been to one AMC, you've been to them all) or to Splitsville, which I'd love to see one day. Now, as far as actual shopping goes, aside from World of Disney and the Co-Op, I generally skip the stores (particularly those in The Landing) because a vast majority of those stores can be found right here in Atlanta at Lenox Square.

Now, granted, I'm only speaking from the standpoint of someone who travels solo, but there are things to see and do there, many of which I've yet to do.