Is buying Annual Pass worth it to save on resorts?


Feb 3, 2001
I don't know if I'm going twice this there. Right now I'm going in April for 5 nights, 6 days (family of 5) and we are buying the ultimate park hopper passes. I got a disney club 10% discount on the room at the Contemp. and now I'm wondering if it's worth buying the annual pass for the savings on the room.

Do I automatically get an annual pass disct. on the room if the disney club disct. was also available pre Easter week (dC disct good as long as you don't start trip on 4/10 and then it comes back I think on 4/21).

Please give me your imput. Thanks a lot!!

No automatic discounts. The discount will be bigger than DC IF there is one. At this point, no AP rates have been released for April. Continue to check these boards, then call if some are released. If you get a good discount, book it, then buy an AP.
I can give you an example of the savings:

We booked in '99 at the Dixie Landings for $134 a night. We stayed 6 nights.

With the purchase of an AP, we got the room for $99 per night.

The AP cost us about $150 more (approx) but we saved $35 X 6 = $210. We had enough left over to pay for our character lunch at the Land!

Remember, you only have to buy one AP to qualify.

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If you consider staying at the Swan and Dolphin resort, then it is definitely worth it!
Here are the benefits!

50% Discount off of published RACK Rate

A "One Category" bonus upgrade (example, the price in the system for a Resort View room is actually 50% off of a Lake View room, the category below the one that you are reserving)

PLUS, late check out extension until 2PM on the date of departure

A two bedroom suite for example costs $1155 per night. With the AP rate it is $577.50 per night! You also get a late check out of 2 pm. The room upgrade doesn't work once you get to the suite stage.

Here are the current available days for the AP discount!
Current (as of 1/11/01) dates available for Discounts at the Walt Disney World Swan &

01/16/01 - 01/24/01
01/29/01 - 02/02/01
02/08/01 - 03/04/01
03/09/01 - 03/12/01
03/18/01 - 03/21/01
03/25/01 - 04/21/01
04/25/01 - 04/28/01
05/09/01 - 05/29/01
06/03/01 - 06/05/01
06/08/01 - 06/28/01
07/03/01 - 07/14/01
07/18/01 - 09/25/01
10/04/01 - 10/05/01
10/11/01 - 10/13/01
10/18/01 - 10/20/01
10/24/01 - 10/28/01
11/01/01 - 11/11/01
11/21/01 - 01/06/02

And you can call using a 1-800 number, so no long distance charges.

If you want lots of info on the Swan and Dolphin click here

Hope it helps!


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Hi Mom to 3,

I thought I read a while back that it needed to be an adult AP.

Susan :)


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