Is Anyone Planning To Cancel A Cindy's Castle Reservation??


Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2004
HI! We were unable to get breakfast reservations for Cindy's castle and were wondering if anyone is planning to cancel a reservation ANY DAY between March 20 - March 27 2004. We have 4 people (5 year old girl and 10 year old girl.....the 5 year old has never been to the castle).

We have been calling daily to see if we get lucky.

Please email us at if you think you can help!


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Mar 6, 2001
I had the same problem with the Princess's breakfast at Norway in EPCOT. The Cast Member told me the reservations fill-up at 8:00AM each morning 90 days out. That is 1 hour within the window you have to make the reservation. I couldn't believe it!! :confused:

She said to keep trying and maybe a cancellation would come up :rolleyes:

Good Luck!


DIS Veteran
Jan 19, 2002
You might post this on the Disney Restaurant Board. Keep trying even after you get there. We got one in 2001 from our room. You might get lucky. In fact- we just got an Illuminations cruise this way also, one day before.


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Oct 23, 2001
Keep trying! We recently took a trip that was only planned out a couple months-so no time to get CRT. I called about 5 times and finally got a cancellation about 1 month out! :D DD had her b'day breakfast with Cinderella. princess: We were second family seated in the castle and got window seats and b'day "trimmings". It was meant to be. Try at random times and the few days leading up to it. Good luck!

PS-we have done CRT twice and PSB once. Both are great, but the castle and Cinderella give CRT the plus for our DD. :D


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