Is any one having trouble with Netscape?

Patrick IL.

Dis Poster
Jan 7, 2001
At work I am using Netscape, this sight is loading incredibly slow. Also I posted earlier that I could not see scrolling marquees, some colors and such. Now at home I am not using Netscape and everything is perfect. Pat :confused:


<font color=blue>Administrator<br><font color=red>
Jan 29, 2001
Chris C would be the one to talk to about this. I know that Netscape has some image loading problems (which you can avoid by turning them off.) This is just a bandaid though. I'd talk to Chris.

Chris C

Returning DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 1999
If you were on earlier today, between 10:00am and 12:00pm EST, I noticed the boards were running EXTREMELY slow as well, like load times of 200bps - 400bps slow with and ISDN connection! When I checked back around 1:00 everything seemed to be fine again.

Were the Webmasters messing around at that time? Well... were ya'?????

Alex had recommended that you turn off your images to help speed things up, but I don't think that wasn't the problem in this case. Here's a little something from Alex to "combat" slow loading posts.

One of the biggest complaints we had with the old boards was that clipart and images made loading the pages slow, particularly for dial up users. One of the GREAT features of this new software is you have a choice! Go to the user control panel and select edit options. You can choose not to view images, signatures or avatars! You will be amazed at how much faster the boards perform with those items turned off and you will get a link to images so you can view them when you want too!

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