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Mar 12, 2001
We have a family of four, with a "mom" and 9 yr. old who are "afraid" of wild rides. We really want to see IOA (also staying at HRH - very excited about that!!!) but will it be worth the entrance fee to this park? We are definitely visiting Universal St.

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It's very much worth it! I'm not into wild rides either, and was a bit apprehensive about Spiderman. Did it, and it was great. The water rides are much fun and not wild, just big drops at very end. LOTS OF FUN, YOU GET SOAKED!!
I even made myself do the Hulk. This was a bit much for me, but my family loved it. It's a very smooth coaster, no jerking you around at all.
Don't miss IOA, it's a blast!
I have a very apprehensive 5 year old with a much less so 7 year old. Are there any rides I should avoid that would not appear so?
Hi again Minnie,
If you are looking for descriptions of each ride, Kelly Monaghan's book is a good choice for you. He describes each ride, indicating whether it's
a 3D show, if it spins, etc. I used this book even during my trip. I think the title is "Universal Studios Escape", but it may have changed (I bought my book last year).
You should also check out Universal's website., or There are descriptions of each attraction there as well.
A "very apprehensive" child might be scared by rides like Cat In The Hat, which has some pretty zippy spins, and Pteranodon Flyers, which is pretty high up. Another problem with Pteranodon is that each ride vehicle is a two seater with a separation between the seats, making it hard for a frightened child to snuggle up to Mom or Dad.

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"The Other Orlando: What To Do When You've Done Disney & Universal"
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My 6 yo DS claims he doesn't like "dark, loud and scary" He left Twister crying but loved Jurassic Park. He cant stop talking about IT!! He of course loved shooting the Aliens in MIB. He LOVED Back to the future and Pteredon Flyers. Because of his reaction to Twister we avoided earthquake, jaws and kong. My girls (9, 11) loved the roller coasters. Dont forget to go to the wishing well after seeing sinbad show!!
I forget he loved spiderman, he rode it twice! We all had so much fun, MGM and Epcot were disappointing to the kids!
wild what what is wild? the hulk in not not wild

bring the hulk on!
When we last took our DGS, one was only 3 and a half and the other a very timid 8. I was prepared for most of the rides and we had even practiced what to do when scared (in case we chose wrong - had small light blankets to "hide" under with little key chain lights. ;) It worked!) But what I did not realize was how loud all of the shows and many of the rides are and how just that can be threatening to a small child. We got some child-sized ear plugs and the kids were so much happier. :)
What a great idea Molokai Gram. Did you use water ear plugs or did you actually buy noise reductions ones? If so where do you buy the noise reduction ones?
We used the Ear Planes (specifically made for kids on airplanes - got them at drug store) and then got some usually used for swimming. both seemed to work. Of course, some smart a** little DGS would act like he couldn't hear me when I told him to do something he didn't like to do, but funny he could hear when I asked if anybody wanted ice cream!? :rolleyes:


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