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    Oct 27, 2000
    Hi, my daughter is now 7 years old and THANK GOD SHE IS STILL HERE! She was born with complex congenital heart defect that can NOT be repairs. She has had three open heart surgeries before her 3rd birthday! She has been thru a tough time. She NEVER complains and tries very heard to keep up with the 'normal' kids. In 1998 Make A Wish Foundation granted dd her wish to visit WDW. I was amazing! dd looks healthy on the outside, with exception that she looks tired and looks like she has a cold all the time, but that's just her look ~ blue baby! We don't know her future. We always have hope that her will live a very long time with few medical concerns. But we know the reality is that she will run into trouble, maybe even BIG trouble (you know). We are planning a trip for April, everythin is booked. We hope dd will get a GAP like in 1998. My comments are about invisible disability folks. No one ever looked at my dd as if she had a disability so when she got to go in front of the line I excepted a lot of grief. But I was surprised. I NEVER heard one peep from anyone. My husband said he heard one lady ask, and the CM explained MAKE A WISH KID. Even at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, our local amusement park, people are fine with dd using the GAP. I had to buy a double stroller for new baby, ds is one year old and dd can use it too. She is tall but very thin due to the heart being so inefficient. She tires easy and I thought we might use a wheelchair, but I think the stroller might work. Anyone else dealing with the same? Thanks,

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    Sure, Sandra, many of us have kids who look fairly normal but have special needs. There is plenty of good infomration here on this board, if you scroll down and look at some of the previous pages you may find information of interest to you. Please feel free to ask questions!
    Glad you are going! I'll bet you will have a wonderful trip!

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    Welcome. you will find a lot of help here. Your dd will still be eligable for a GAC (Guest Assistance Card) because she still has problems that need accomidation. The cards for "WISH" kids give pretty much immediate ride access, the regular ones don't, but you should be able to get one that allows you to use your stroller as a wheelchair (taking it in lines where wheelchairs are allowed and strollers are not) and not have to wait in the hot sun. Go to Guest Services and tell them what your needs are and you should be able to get a card without problem.
    More and more rides have fastpass. That helps a lot because you can get a fastpass and can wait most of your time outside of the line ride. Whatever type of GAC you have, you will be asked to use fastpass as much as possible. It also helps people with GACs not to look singled out. WHen you come to get on the ride, no one knows if you are getting in line with a GAC or with a fastpass.
    Have fun ˙

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    Oct 21, 2000
    God bless you and your daughter.
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    Apr 8, 2000
    Why, that's practically here! I am counting the days to our March trip.

    I hope everyone in your family has a wonderful time. Remember to build in lots of rest time, and character time, and desert eating time, and parade watching time...

    Can you all tell I can't wait for Spring?

    Sandra - re: stroller alone vs. stroller and chair - if it works at home, it will work there. Don't let what people say or do bother you - focus on the kids having fun.

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