Introduce Yourself Thread


Teen Board Moderator
Dec 27, 2003
There's been a bunch of new teen DISers lately joining in on the fun on the DISboards and I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone again. And say Hello and that my name is Travis and I'm one of the Moderators here on the Teen Board.

So, if you have any questions at all, regarding anything with the DISboards, such as signatures, PM's (private messages), etc. just ask me and I will answer it for you or I will contact a Webmaster or Tech Support Moderator so they can help you out.


The Force is strong with this one
Aug 5, 2006
:wave2: Hi, I'm Jaimie.
I've been here for awhile & come and leave at random times.

P.S. Great idea, Travis.


If you can be my bodyguard, I can be your long los
Aug 13, 2005
Hi I'm Emily.
I come on mainly in the summer.
This place was my life last summer.
It's my night life this summer lol.
  • diva122094

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    Apr 5, 2008
    My name is alexandra but alex for short.
    I have been here since april.
    This is practicaly my second home other then my best friends
    I love everyone on here,just like brothers and sisters.


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 5, 2003

    Uhm, for about a year and a half the DIS was my life. Mainly while I was homeschooling, since I had a lot of free time on my hands. A lot of that year was great, part of it was the opposite, and almost all of it was pretty dramatic. I haven't been on very much since I got a job (I work 40 hours and week and I'm dog tired when I come home) but I still love coming here to 'get away' from normal life.

    I miss a lot of our old DISers, but what I miss mostly was the relationship I had with some of you guys. I guess I just can't let go of some of the great times that spawned from the DIS. Whether on the DIS or just with people I met from here. You guys know who you are. :)

    Even if I'm not on as much anymore, part of my heart will always be here. (That sounds incredibly corny) I guess because I've done a lot lot lot of changing since I became active here.

    There's enough of my cheesy semi-speech. Anyways, that me. I'm Jenny.
  • EnchantedPiglet

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 4, 2008
    My name is Melanie, but everyone can call me Mel. Unless you wanted to call me Melanie, which I wouldn't see why because it's longer to type. I have been here since 2004, but I used a different DIS account : Azure. I created it because of VMK but since the game is closed I thought I would create EnchantedPiglet, because I love Piglet. I will only be on alot for the summer (well maybe only the summer) because I will be a grad next year in school and I have to concentrate on school. University the year after that.


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    Sep 22, 2007
    Heyy y'all, I'm Amanda.

    Or, at least, my alter-ego is ;)

    But just call me that anyways. I used to go on the Universal/IoA Boards a lot, but then boldly ventured over here :P

    And now I love it :D
  • Tinkerbell424

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    Sep 30, 2006
    Hi my name is Alexis. :)
    I've been here almost 2 years in September.


    Oct 14, 2007
    Hi, i'm Katelyn. i joined last october but didn't go on for a few months until april when i had my trip to disney, then pretty much after my trip i came over here but didn't introduce myself ( i think it was because i was too shy :confused3 )


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    Sep 26, 2006
    hi, I'm Paula. :D
    I've been posting here for awhile, almost two years I think? Geez, I can't believe it's been that long!
    I still feel like a newbie here sometimes, haha.


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    Sep 4, 2006
    Hi! I'm katie. But since its a very common name i go by Pixi alot. Call me which ever and i'll answer!

    I joined i think in 06 but pretty much stayed to the VMK boards...Then slowly migrated to here!



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    Oct 12, 2005
    Heyy. I'm Julie.
    I've been on here for a long time. I think almost 3 years. Wow.
    This and Facebook are really all I do online. Pathetic, I know. :teeth:
    Even after 3 years, I don't know people's names, so sorry. Don't get offended. There's a lot of people here, in my defense.
    Um yeah. I guess that's it. See you around!


    Mama to my Minnie Mouse lovin' girl!
    Jun 11, 2006
    I'm Emily. I kinda joined late in the game but I have stuck around. Welcome!


    True Ukrainian Dancer
    Feb 19, 2005
    Hey guys! I'm Yevgeniya (yuck), but I go by Zhenya. I've been on the DIS for about four years, but just recently started posting. I speak Russian and English fluently- no hot accent tho =[. I'm basically half American, half Ukrainian well, mostly American, but I go to school in Kiev.


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