Interested in the college program, but do not know what to do.....

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by nhgoofy5923, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. nhgoofy5923

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    Apr 6, 2011
    I am currently in my first year of college, and I look forward to being a Disney cast member some day via the college program. That being said, I do not have any idea what steps I would have to take for this to become a reality. So my questions is geared towards those of you that have gone through this process before: What do you have do to get into the college program, and how would you rate your disney college program experience?

    Have a magical day! ::MickeyMo
  2. progroupie

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Go to and you'll find all the info you need!
    All you have to do is apply online and either attend a presentation at your school or a school nearby or do the one online.
  3. disneymegs

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Either attend a presentation or watch the one online to get the application code. Once you apply and get a web interview, check these boards for advice! There is good stuff here to help you prepare yourself to pass that and have a successful phone interview.
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    Jan 1, 2011
    I would check with one of you academic advisors to make sure your college accepts the program and that you will be able to do so. I checked with my undergrad advisor for biology freshman year and it turned out that I would not have been able to do the program without taking time off of school (I would get no credit for the program or any classes I took as part of it). In my case, I waited till I was a senior and I will now be going after I graduate...

    After that, attend a presentation or watch the presentation online. The steps for applying and going through the process are pretty easy to follow and you shouldn't have an issue.

    Definitely keep checking the board for other tips... you never know what you could learn from all the chatter...
  5. JoEliz713

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Now this may just be my opinion but I would actually wait until you are a junior to apply for the program for 3 reasons.

    1). Finish your Gen Eds.
    -By the time you are a junior you can have most of your general education credits done and it is a lot easier to swing the classes offered by disney as idependant study, prcticum or reaserch classes if they only have to apply to your major and not the college as a whole. Plus you will have less to worry about because there isn't a push to graduate but you don't have to shoot yourself in the foot to go.

    2). Time to build your resume.
    -Disney loves people who have a wide variety of jobs on their resume. The more iverse your resume the more roles you can fit, the larger chance you have of getting in. On top of that you have better interviewing skills and public relations (depending on the job) if you have real world expierence under your belt which really impresses interviewers. Myself, the last 3 jobs I held were a Summer Elementary School teacher, Cashier at Home Depot, and Resident Assistant at my college and those alone showed that I can not only work anywhere, but I am flexible and willing to change places. The more diverse your resume, the better chances you have.

    3.) Time and Money
    -Your undergraduate years are intense, but even more so for your sophomore and freshman years. You're junior year is perfect because it is that small lull in school before you start the sprint towards graduation. On top of that you have a couple years to work over summers and get the money to get yourself down there. Or, if your school won't cover the time while your down at Disney (rare, but it does happen) you can save up money to either cover the semseter or start paying to loans back for the break you took. But most of all, it gets you the practice of working and taking school classes at the same time. The hardest part of the Disney program is finding that balance between work and school, especially if you take online classes while down at the program.

    Hope those help!!

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