Instead of a TR, here are some thoughts on the HRH


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Sep 7, 2000
I hope I am allowed to post this here instead of the TR board. I don't have the engery to type out an entire TR.;)

If you are a light sleeper, I would opt for a higher floor pool view room. We had a deluxe regular room reserved and got bumped to a poolside room. At 7am (wakeup set for 8am) our phone rang. There was no one on the other end. I tried to go back to sleep, but the music from the pool kept me awake. DS said the same thing. If the phone would not have rang, I don't think the music would have waken me up, though.

They are still in their "I don't know" stages. When I inquired about the bottle of wine because we are Loew's members, they said that they did not know what Loew's was doing specifically at that hotel. ???? Our luggage person got lost taking us to our room because he had not yet been in that part of the hotel. LOL We got a nice tour of the 1st floor, though.

We were told twice, once infront of a manager, that our room key was good to charge our meals and what not while we were in the parks after we checked out. (the same day) When we got to the bakery at USF, our card was not in the system. When we tried to get in the back gate by the pool when we returned at the end of the day to get our luggage, it would not work. I ended up catching people walking by a door and they let us in. When I said something to the front desk, they said our card was only good until check out, but it should have opened the gate for us. Just an FYI.

Proof they are still in their opening stages:
The safe was not open when we arrived at our room. I called at 10:30 am to have someone tell me why I could not get it to work. (I thought it was just me, but it should have been open when we arrived) They said they would send someone right up. We waited 30 minutes and no one showed, so we met our friends for breakfast at the Grill and returned around 2pm to see if they had opened the safe. (I was tired of carrying our camera around.)The safe was still not open. I called again and they told me that someone had to be in the room, and that they would send someone right up. 5 minutes later they were opening the safe for me. I mentioned that a bulb had fallen out of the ceiling and they might want to have maintenance look at it after we checked out. (HRH did not make the bulb, so I don't hold them responsible for a faulty bulb :) They said they would take care of it. We met our friends a few hours later and came back to the room around midnight. We opened the door, the light was on, and there was the broken part that screws into the fixture laying on the floor! We were checking out the next day so I waited to say anything. (DH has a fit when I gripe) When we did check out the next morning, I took the broken bulb with me and asked for a manager. He was very apologetic about it and said maint. would be told. He took off $100 from our bill. Don't do this on purpose, but don't be silent. By telling them, they can get things fixed for future guests(and our future visits)

Self parking is free. If you can't get your card to work at the gate when you leave, just go to where others pay for parking and ask them for another card. Parking is very limited, though.

The staff is wonderful! It was hard to complain because everyone was so nice.

It is CHEAPER to drink from the minibar than to get drinks in the bar! DH got a jack and coke and a citron and soda for us. The total w/o tip was $13.25! (no biggie, were on vacation, right?) If we would have drank from the minibar, it would have been $12. You can not buy the playing cards in the gift shop. If you want them, you must get them from the minibar. ($7)

The pool is heated. It was cold (for FL) on Sat, but DS and I swam for 2 hours. It was pretty neat to swim and have the mist rise off of the water. It was sprinkling, too. There wasn't any lightening in the area, so we were allowed to swim. The water slide is great. Just long enough to enjoy, not too short.

All in all, we WILL be back! This is going to be a very deluxe hotel when they get their opening bugs worked out. The nicest place we have stayed is the Poly and the WL at WDW. The HRH is nothing like either of the WDW resorts. Things like the minibar, the room decor, and the friendly staff will keep us coming back. Our room was worth much more than the $235 that they will want for it in a few months. (but since I read these boards, you know I'll never pay that much. LOL)


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Sep 7, 1999
Thanks for the detailed report, idontknow.... and I think it's time to change that username but you definitely DO know!


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Aug 29, 1999
Thanks for posting! What did you think of your room? Were the beds comfortable?


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Feb 11, 2000
Thanks Ididntknowbutdonow ;) .

I'm slightly concerned (Like :eek: )about these bar prices. We'll be there for 2 whole weeks in August and most nights will be spent in the bar until the early hours!! Do you know how much a beer cost? I can see I'll have to re-work my finances before we go what with $14 for breakfast and a small fortune spent in the bar!!!

Still, as you say , we're on vacation! :D (I'll just have to stop the kids from eating for two weeks!)


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Feb 3, 2000
Isn't it possible to just take your drink fixings along? I can't see spending that much money on liquor even if we are on vac.! We don't drink much but on vac. it is nice to have a few drinks in the evening while setting around. There will be 4 adults in our party and I'd hate to think of a big liquor bill!


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Sep 7, 2000
We did take a collapsable cooler with us, but since we came in late (around 11pm) and only had 1 day at the HRH, we waited to make a grocery stop. We did end up getting a 12 pack of water, a 12 pack of coke, and eventually 2 cases of beer. (we really are not alkie's LOL) We made our stop before checking into the ASMu Sunday night.

Yes, it would be a good idea to make a grocery stop before going to the hotel.

I just dug up the minibar prices.....I'll start another thread so everyone can check it out.

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