Info. on trading points..Permenatly?


HELP! Disney is going to bankrupt me!!
Mar 21, 2001
How can I get info. on a permanent trade of my points?
Example...I have 210 at OKW and would like to do a permanent trade of my points to BWV. How can I do this? Can it be done w/ out selling OKW and then trying to find BWV and re-buying!
I would like to have my points at BWV, It was not available when I purchased OKW.
I hope that someone can give me some good information on this trade? :bounce:
If I would find someone to trade, couldn't I just the $75.00 fee to Disney and re-file? There mubst be a way, then to have to pay $500.00 plus to buy and sell????
You would essentially need to sell your OKW then buy a BWV resale. Even if you found someone that was willing to exchange with you and they had the exact number of points as you, would still cost $500 to $1000 to change things out. You'd need to make new deeds and refile them.


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