In a non-Disney exchange, what happens if you have to cancel?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by disneyfanforever, Jan 31, 2001.

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    Jan 12, 2001
    We are still looking into buying and have a question about non-Disney exchanges. If you are exchanging using the Concierge or Passport collection, what is the policy if you have to cancel your reservations? Do you lose all of your points? We are wondering since it seems that for the Passport collection exchanges it helps to plan far in advance and who knows what will come up in a year if that is how far in advance a trip is booked.
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    Confirmed exchanges with Interval International are subject to II cancellation policies and are not controlled by DVC. The points are gone. In general, the deposit (week) is good until 2 years after the start date of the week deposited irregardless of the travel dates you exchanged it for. In the past, II would generally give you back your exchange credit for the full time of 2 years after the deposited unit although I believe they've changed it to one year from cancellation, or so I've been told. If it's less than 60 days before your travel, there are many more restrictions, mainly that you can only exchange for other units at less than 60 days out. They will sometimes make exceptions to this polcicy for units they know they won't use anyway. It's called they're Getaway program. They will keep your exchange fee and charge you a new one if you use the unit for another exchange.

    There is a document titled "Disney Vacation Club Member Getaways Disclosure Guide about the Interval International Exchange Program". The one in front of me is 1999, but I think I have the 2000 one here somewhere. It is nice in that it explains about the procedures and methods as well as the fees. It lists all of the then affiliated resorts by number of units with 50, 20,11, 6 and less than 6 units as the divisions. They Also list affiliated resorts divided by number of members with divisions of 1000, 500, 101 and 1-100 members. At the end they tell you how many members there are and how many exchanges were confirmed for the previous year as a percentage of those requested and a percent of the members exchanging. They tell you how many pending requests there are that carry over to the new year. They have a similar document for the BVTC. I believe I heard from someone at DVC that 2000 would be the last one as the state has stopped requiring this infomation to be compiled but I'm not certain about that.

    A word about the Getaway program is that it can be a great thing if you are very flexible and can travel off season. In that situaion, you can exchange an off season studio for a 3 BR highly rated resort when available. I hope this helps, if not ask further.


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