Impact of Used Points on Resale


Earning My Ears
Nov 30, 2000
In looking at resales, the price seems to be determined by the resort and annual points.

However, some sellers have used all of this years points, some partially and some not at all.

I was wondering how current use year available points fit into the selling equation.


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Feb 15, 2005
If you watch them for a while, you'll notice that it greatly affects the speed of the sale. If one has banked points, it's gone. If it has just this year's points, it sells reasonably well too, as long as the price is also reasonable. But if it's stripped, it can sit a long time - someone needs to really want that exact contract or it has to have a very attractive price to sell.

The main problem for stripped contracts, is that if they are offered too low, they aren't likely to get past ROFR, so most people aren't looking necessarily for the best price, but for the most points for a price that will pass.


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Jun 13, 2002
ROFR is a movong target that gets reset about every 10 days based upon supple and can find a great deal on a resale if you are patient and use the right resources...........get a buddy at the TTS and tell them precisely what youre looking for.............many deals get done without ever being listed.................


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Aug 19, 1999
For current use year points that you can use yourself or have plenty of time to rent or bank, count them at around $8-10 per point INCLUDING maint fees. So if you have to reimburse for those fees, add another $4-6 per point (main fee plus the additional) compared to the same contract without the points. Subtract the same amount if the points are not there or not useable. Add $3-7 per point for banked points you can use or rent but don't pay maint fees on these. Remember fees are based on a calendar year and thus if you get an August use year with all points in August, you should only pay 5 months of fees, not the entire years bill, to actually pay for the points you are getting.


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Feb 1, 2000
OMG, Dean, I'm getting a headache trying to follow that... :rotfl: I know that YOU know exactly what you are saying, but OUCH! :blush:

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