I'm sorry if I've been...


<font color=green>very very very careful about wha
Jan 9, 2001
rude or mean to anyone this past week.
I have had a very very bad and emotionally stressful week and i've been taking it out on other people without realizing it.
I'm NOT looking for pity or sympathy i just want to apologize to anyone i may have not been very nice to this week or if i wasn't very talkative.
This week i've hurt people that are close to me without realizing it so i assumed i may have hurt some of my online friends too.
It's may take a while before i get back to normal but i'll try to be nicer.
I've been quite a b**** to so many people this week and i just want to apologize.
It isn't you guys. it's all me.
Don't worry at all Norah!! You've had a bad couple of weeks and everyone understands and has probably been through the same thing! Feel Better! :)
I'm sorry you had to feel bad :(

But now you can be happy :D
You haven't seemed rude to me but I'm so sorry you had a bad week. I know I can be the same way sometimes. When I'm having a really bad day, sometimes I take it out on other people, but I don't really mean it. I hope everything gets better for you!

I've had one of those weeks too!! We all have them..dont worry about it!!
Feel better! :) :bounce: :jester: :jester:
Ooo, I had one of those weeks like 2 weeks ago. I flipped out on *everyone,* even my closest, closest friends. I know what it's like ...
dont worry! everyone has those weeks and days...everything will get better and it will all pass


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