Im getting married in Disney!!

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    I am BEYOND thrilled that my fiance and I are getting married in Disney and both of our parents agreed that to it! With that being said, where do I start? We're not getting married until 2014 because my sister is getting married October 2013 so I didnt want a wedding too close to hers. So Im thinking end of April beginning of Mayv (our sons birthday is May 5 but I dont want to get married on his special day even though he'll only be 2 at the time). Ive also looked into the different packages and have decided on the Escape. So my question is when did you Disney brides start planning and figuring out all the details? :goodvibes:goodvibes
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    You can research and plan whatever you want but DFTW won't talk to you until something like 8 months in advance of your planned date.
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    Welcome! :goodvibes It's never too soon to start planning, even if it's just idea-gathering and pinning. That way, when your 8-month mark comes and you start the process with Disney, you'll have many of your ducks in a row. It also gives you time to change your mind a bazillion times, and to save money! :thumbsup2

    A good place to start is to read the trip reports of other Escape couples on the Planning Our Happily Ever After sub forum. It will give you ideas and show you how everything works so you can start to form your own plans.
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    I've been planning for a year and a half now and I totally agree with lurkyloo. Do all your research now! Read the planning journals, read the Passporter's Disney Weddings and Honeymoons book, and PIN like crazy! I can honestly say, at first I felt kind of silly doing everything so far out but by the time I was actually able to start planning for real (which was only recently!) I felt SO prepared and now I know exactly what I want and what is necessary to get it. Research everything from ceremony and reception venues all the way to your dress. You will be so much better off for it!

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