I'm FINALLY getting DH "Home"


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Aug 6, 2000
I'm finally getting DH to come and see "our investment" this summer!! He's never been to the Boardwalk Villas even though we bought back in 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek: Finally, he's going "home".

Because of work restraints, he was never able to come with us when we went on vacation. But now, he can take a vacation with us.

I'm so busy now planning where we'll go first, where we'll eat, what are the "must do" things for him. He hasn't been to WDW in over 9 years, so you know we have some catching up to do.

I can't wait!!



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Jul 25, 2001
I'm glad your DH can finally vacation with the rest of the family. But don't go too "commando" on him....sounds like a hard working guy who could use a little relaxation too! :p

Hope your have a great trip! :)


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Nov 22, 2000
So glad he finally gets to see what he bought!:)

It will almost be like taking a first timer! I love doing that, because you get to see things through different eyes!

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Nov 6, 2003
Take some time to relax by the pool. We really enjoyed doing just that on our trip 2 wks ago. You won't have trouble finding great places to dine while at the BW, you just may have trouble narrowing the choices down a bit. I hope you have a wonderful time planning and an even better time on vacation w/ your DH. So glad he can finally join the family! You must be very excited. :Pinkbounc


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Dec 14, 2003
Wow! I thought 3yrs was a long time to wait for our 1st trip "home"

None of us have been "home" since buying into DVC 10/01. We did visit though for a few hrs when we were in WDW 11/02.


A DIS Veteran who just won't grow up!
Aug 6, 2000
Yes I am excited!! And I'm going to do my "very best" not to go commando on him! :) He is a hard worker and he really deserves a good rest and vacation. I've worked 1 or 2 days in where we have no plans at all. So those are the mornings I plan to relax poolside.

As for the restaurants, luckly the one's that he liked years ago are still some of "our" favorites. But I'm planning on bringing him to some that he never ate at before that my son and I have discovered and love.


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Feb 17, 2000
So glad to hear he is finally going to be able to join you. Boardwalk is our home too and we love it! Enjoy!


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Jul 5, 2003

Congrats! Have a good time!!!

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