I'm being nice again but there is a question first.


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Jul 22, 2001
I'm still cleaning house and found 5 copies of the Standard operating procedure for the Disneyland Haunted mansion ride its dated 5-11-75, but makes for some interesting reading, these are copies but I'm not sure I'm allowed to even give these away.

So first I'll ask the experts if I'm allowed to give these away??? anybody just chime on in.

If I can I'll give them away... I'll give them out to the first 5 people that respond to my post you just pay for postage.

But I gotta find out if I can give them away first. they still might be Disney property.

By the way this is Raul somebodies wife has been using the wrong computer AGAIN and forgot to log out.
I vote you can - cause I would love one - please, please oh please!!

Did I beg good enough?

I am finally putting all my HM together, never realized how much I have would love one of these.
I would love to get one as well. I don't see why you could not give them away.
If you can give them away (I'm with the others - you can!) - I'd really love to have one ... Please Pleease, Pritty Please!!!!

I don't see why you wouldn't.

And if you can, I'd like to have one also :)
If you've had them since 1975 I don't see why not. I would love to have one PUUULEASEEE!!!
I have my five winners

Now if you, the holy 5 could be so kind as to send me y'alls mailing address... I'll get these out to you.

Anybody got any cheese and crackers to go along with the wine (whine) in this thread???? :rolleyes:

Geesh.....you guys are too funny!!! Glad you all got one. :D


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