I'm Back, What Happened??

Molokai Gram

<font color=green>DIS Veteran<br><font color=magen
Oct 12, 1999

Got my computer back and sign on and what is this? :confused:

I am not very good on the computer (you have noticed I never had any clip art didn't you?) and I was just feeling comfortable with the forums...now what?

Well, now I need to go read and learn. It is good to be back. :)

Welcome back Donna! Yup, takes some getting used to, but the boards are new and improved! :)
turn your back for a second and everyone tries to leave ya behind...
Welcome Back Donna!!

Yeah - this was a surprise to everyone Sat. morning!!! But it looks like you've figured it out pretty well - you have an avatar and colors!:jester:
I was asking the same question you go away and this happens!

I really LIKE it, though!


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