I'm alive


DIS Veteran
Apr 14, 2000
<font face="comic sans ms"> I'm actually alive still. I had some computer problems over the weekend, but I think I fixed :eek: the problems. I was actually up at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning trying to shut down all of my programs except explorer. I told Alan at one point to be patient. He said, "Hey. I medaled at the Being Patient Olympics. I got a gold. You shouldn't even be allowed to say the word, patient." :rolleyes: :p :D ;) Don't you hate when they're right?

I think I spoke too soon. My speakers are making popping sounds. :confused: I think I'm going to go throw my computer in the backyard and set it on fire. I am then going to buy a flock of pigeons, and I will begin training them as carrier pigeons. Everyone shoud start expecting their communications through bird-mail and not e-mail.

LOL Dayna. :D

We (a few of us :D ) were just discussing you this evening. We were wondering if you were okay. ;) After reading your e-mail...I can tell that you are just fine! :D

I'll open an upstairs window for the pigeon. :D Should I give him a snack when he gets here, or will not want to leave? :eek: ;)

xoxo Dayna Darling. :)
<font face="comic sans ms"> I was being discussed? Interesting. ;) I'm okay. If you read my other post, you will see that actually I am the biggest Dis-Con chicken around. I won't even fly. How chicken is that? I can't find my chicken pic. Darn it. </font>


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