I'm a dummy! Please help with points!


Earning My Ears
Sep 21, 2000
I have been on this forum several times, and I just can't seem to get it. If an expert would explain, I would really appreciate it. I'm interested in renting points the week of Nov 23 thru Nov 30. Can anyone give me an idea of how many points I need for a studio or 1 bedroom. Location doesn't matter. I just don't know how to figure this whole thing out. Thanks!:rolleyes:
I'll start location does matter a little. OKW "costs the least points" followed by BWV and then WLV. That said a studio is "cheaper" because its smaller than a 1 BR. IF you visit the DVC point chart calulator on this site you'll see what I mean.

Joe in CT
Nov. 23-26 and Nov. 30 are one season (Choice). Nov. 27-29 another (Magic).

Su-Thu nights in a studio at OKW runs 8 points for Choice and 11 points for Magic. A 1 bedroom runs 18 or 22

Fri-Sat nights for the OKW studio in Choice are 21 points. For Magic it's 27 points. The one bedroom runs 41 points and 54 points.

WL and Preferred View BWV

Su-Thu nights in a studio runs 12 points for Choice and 14 points for Magic. A 1 bedroom runs 24or 30.

Fri-Sat nights for the studio in Choice are 23 points. For Magic it's 30 points. The one bedroom runs 47 points and 60 points.

BWV Standard View would run you somewhere in-between OKW and VWL.


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