Illuminations viewing from roof of BCV?


May 23, 2000
Look at a frontal picture of the BCV, such as one taken from the bridge leading to the front door of the Beach Club (see below). In the central part of the building where the BCV are 5 stories, there appears to be a flat part of roof at the very left hand side of this portion of the building. It is behind the left most "turret" like structure. They could have built a stairway into the turret with an exit to the roof.

BCV frontal picture 2/02

This is probably just wishful thinking, but I wonder if they would build a viewing area on the roof of the BCV to watch Illuminations? Kind of like the observation area on top on the Contemporary. It be really cool if they piped in the music as well.

Also, I wonder if the villas behind those turrets will have huge balconies. That would be a sweet place to hang out with a group for evening cocktails.

The landscaping between the parking lot and BCVs seems to be filling in very nicely. You might not even see the lot from the first 3 floors.

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