If you're going to Universal Orlando .... RUN to CAA!!!!!!


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Sep 2, 1999
CAA is selling it's Universal passes AT PAR!! I bought 4 3-day passes and saved over $200!! They never expire, but go fast because I don't know how long the special will last. I bought the last 3 passes the CAA in St. Catharines had and she had to phone Grimsby to send me a fourth, and they only had 4 more left!!! I overheard the CAA branch manager say that she thought Head Office wasn't sending any more. SO HURRY UP if you want to buy them! :eek: :D
Yep, bought mine a couple of months ago at the St CAtharines Branch, the lady there said the special ended the end of April. Don't know if it's been extended. Cost is $105.95 per ticket for adults.
It is only for the 3 day passes and Alberta is not selling them. You can however, call an Ontario office and order them on the phone. I ordered mine a week ago and just got them in the mail yesterday. Everthing I have heard points to the end of April as the deadline to buy them.

Cass AKA Timon

You can buy them in Alberta from Marlin Travel - at least thats where I bought mine. Mine are only vouchers though, and it says it expires Dec.31/01. From what I understand, once the voucher is turned in for actual tickets at the gate, then any of the 3 unused days will not expire.


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