If you think the American Idol judges are harsh...


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Mar 8, 2004
You should watch Canadian Idol. Think that Canadians are mild and polite? Guess again.

Canadian Idol has 4 judges: Farley Flex (promoter/manager), Jake Gold (artist manager), Sass Jordan (award-winning artist) and Zack Werner (artist, producer & manager, and entertainment lawyer). NONE of them are the "nice" judge. There isn't one among them that will say "You're not what we're looking for, but you look really nice today". No, instead they will say "You suck".

Not only that, but unlike Simon who at least will look bored and slightly pained at a bad singer, these four pretty much take delight in telling the bad singers how much they suck.

But they're also as enthusiastic when they like someone. Tonight for instance, and you'll have to forgive me because I honestly couldn't tell you anything about the contestant or who said what because I was doing something else while watching... a contestant is auditioning, and Zack really liked him/her. S/He got one yes and one no, and I have no idea what the other judge was going to say because the next thing I know Zack (after the "no") says "Well screw that, you're going to Toronto".

Ookay. Can't imagine Simon doing that.

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Nov 4, 2001
I love Canadian Idol! Last year's show was soooo much better than American Idol. I became obsessed with Jacob Hoggard...he was so unique and original. If he had been in AI, he would have won it all.....


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