If you got only 8 photos in 1 park, which park and what photos?


Jun 11, 2017
I'm thinking of bringing my antique medium format film camera to the parks on our next trip. It takes medium format 120 film, and gets 8 shots to a roll. It's also a bit of a pain to manage, so bringing it somewhere is an endeavour. It requires a tripod, a light meter (phone app) and some careful manual focusing. For the effort though, it has fantastic optics and produces very high quality images. Scans result in ~100megapixel images, with probably about ~60megapixel equivalent detail after processing and cropping/leveling.

So, I get 8 shots per roll and don't want to spend my entire time trip wrestling with it, so I'm looking for ideas for the best shots to get early or late in a park before heading out. Thoughts?

Yeah, I get it. I've never taken my 645 stuff to the parks, just too much bulk. But I get it. Regardless, go as wide as you can. Forget magic hour in the AM (the photo kind), you'll never get in early enough. Evening isn't much better, at least in MK. Better chance in the open spaces of Epcot. But the crowds will make that a pain too.

Assuming Orlando, my vote is MK for number one choice and Epcot second. The other two just aren't as iconic. Main Street, train station, fire station, and HM - B&W, color in Fantasyland and Adventureland. Personally, I'm not a fan of what the overall elevation of the castle looks like anymore with all that crap in front (or the hub in general) and wouldn't focus (haha) on that.


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