If You Could Change One Thing...


Earning My Ears
May 9, 2001
about your favorite Disney resort, what would it be? For me, I love the YC/BC. I wish they had a 24 hour casual dining facility.
I wish ASMO had a Pepper Market-like restaurant option. :)
The food was fine at ASMo. But the variety at PM was very good. I think that's the only thing DH missed staying at the ASMo.
I wish CSR had a kids club of some sort and I only like to stay where I have a private balcony which means I have to go with a deluxe when I truely like DxL and CSR almost as good as any of the deluxes.

Bugster, you took the words right out of my mouth!! We loved staying at the YC but sorely missed a spot to grab a bite at any hour.
I wish the Poly sliding doors had screens so you could leave them open and get the fresh tropical air in, without worrying about, bugs, ducks & lizards.
Thats my only complaint...well, that and I wish it were cheaper.;)

I have to agree with Rock'n Robin and Camcolt. These two small improvements would enhance the Polynesian greatly. Although I've never stayed in a first floor room, I couldn't imagine sleeping with the sliding door open at ground level. I mean WDW is pretty safe, but I wouldn't do it either.
LOL, JThornhill! I was thinking of opening the door, more for when I was in the room awake. But now that you metnion it, yes, for sleeping too, but definitely not on the ground floor. ;)
Great comments! I agree with the YC/BC need for a 24-hour casual dining spot!
Beer in the concierge lounge during the evening service! The second and third choices would be as others have already suggested:

2. Lower prices; and
3. Screens for the sliders! (Forget the geckos/chameleons/bugs--I had a HUGE crow fly into my room and steal my tuna sandwich right off the table! I was putting wet swimsuits onto the balcony line to dry and when I turned around and went back into the room to get another suit, in it came. It was definitely not invited to share my sandwich I'd brought back for a late night snack. :) )
I would improve the service in the concierge areas at the deluxe resorts, specifically customer service. Guests pay alot of $$$ to stay in concierge, and the performance of many of the CMs is not up to the cost. Also, why can't they provide guests with bottled water, etc? Ugh!
Monorail service to the PO resorts... oh and childcare facilities, too! Add reopening Bonfamille's at PO-FQ, as well as the bike rentals, oh, and the boat to DTD needs to be restarted.

Is that enough?


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