I wonder how SandraC, is doing?


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Jun 8, 2000
I've been thinking about Sandra quite alot these days. After all her planning, and the problems she had with her TA, I sure hope everything has worked out fine and that she's having a wonderful trip. :)


Hi Snowwark! Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Sandra and almost posted the same question, too. I hope she was able to get everything sorted out, but I'm sure she's having a wonderful time, anyway. I guess we'll find out Sunday, I'm sure she'll be back on the DIS as soon as she gets home! :D


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Sandra sounded so excited before she left. I think she knew her countdown time to the nearest minute! I certainly hope everything is going as planned and that she and her family are having a great (and warm) time as we speak!


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Seems many were thinking the same thing. It's funny how much that common bond (Disney!) can change total strangers to friends. It would be hard to believe that SandraC is NOT having a great time (sharks, cribs and all) LOL. I'm sure we well hear from her the moment she arrives back.

I've been thinking about her too. I'm sure that both SandraC and Hockeymom are having a great time. I can hardly wait to hear how things went for them.



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