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    Apr 15, 2006
    I was given a beautiful tinkerbell pin by a CM who I happen to stop and talk to. He was very nice and we just talked about how long he had been at Disney and why. To me it was just regular conversation but when we finished he gave me a pin with another one attached. He said the top one is for me for being nice and the second is for me to give away to someone else who is nice.

    The pin can't be bought and is rare. It was a very magical moment.

    We missed the ears by one group while waiting for the carousel. We went in they showed up right behind us. DANG!

    A girl about 12 came up to me while waiting for Crystal palace and asked if I would trade a pin for her dream pass. Duh! Although it was not given my the team, I did trade so I could have a keepsake. I will be going back 2 more times before it ends and hope I really am given a pass by the team.

    It was magical!
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    Congrats and keep on having magical days :thumbsup2
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    Looks like all the anxiety leading up to this trip was worth it! Good luck during the rest of your stay. :wizard:

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