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    Jul 23, 2004
    Hi all, just got back from an eight night stay at the Wilderness Lodge (7/28-8/05) and I had an amazing time. Despite a setback the morning we were to leave (our 7:20am flight from Newark was cancelled, but we were able to get a 10:00 from Kennedy w/ free shuttle service) we arrived around 1pm. We were upgraded to a courtyard view at WL and were on the 6th floor. That night we had hotdogs at Casey's and really saw a lot. The next day was Epcot future world where I went on Soarin' which was absolutely, stunningly SPECTACULAR!!! I went into Turtle Talk with my niece expecting something sort of dumb, but is was hysterical. I finally got to ride Test Track (on my 6th trip to WDW) because the line was actually bearble and it was awesome. That night we had an early dinner at 1900 Park Fare, which was wonderful. After dinner we headed to MGM just to ride a few of the classics.

    Saturday we headed back to MGM and I finally gathered up the courage to ride ToT and RnRC. ToT was by far the MOST un-Disney part of my trip. I went in with a "how bad can it be?" attitude, but the minute we started dropping I had a, how shall I say this, an episode. :earseek: I cried and screamed and freaked out as they dropped us 6 awful times. I wish I could post the picture, it was priceless. That was definitely a never-again ride. RnRC on the other hand is now one of my favorite rides, it was absolutely thrilling. Saturday night I also discovered my new favorite restaurant, The Flying Fish Cafe. I had the mahi-mahi with saffron risotto and the chocolate souffle for dessert. The food was superb and the staff was the friendliest. That night I went to MGM for Fantasmic. On Sunday my brother, sister and I truly ate our way around the World Showcase. We ordered one entree to share at a counter-service in each country, that way we were never too full. We went to MK that night and did a lot, I found that the later at night it is, the funnier (and racier) the Jungle Cruise gets. Wishes was beautiful. Monday was the only AK day. My brother and I were in the choice seats on Kali River Rapids and got DRENCHED! Restaurantasaurus is the biggest rip-off in all of WDW, it cost me $18 for 2 McDonald's meals. I was happy to see Expedition Everest coming along so well, it looks like it going to be a lot of fun.

    Tuesday was back to MGM to play Millionare and anything I might have missed. And that night we had dinner at the Ritz Carlton where my sister was staying. On Wednesday I had a full day at Epcot, and watched the British Invasion and Off-Kilter 3 times each. I had dinner at the Rose and Crown which was great. I went to MGM Thursday morning and that afternoon I spent at MK again. I was going to watch the parade one last time but if any of you were there, there was quite a lighting show going on and it looked like the biggest storm ever was about to hit. I really had a wonderful time.

    Anyway, we flew back to NJ this morning and I'm starting my Disney withdrawal depression now. Hopefully I'll be able to participate in the College Program come spring semester. Oh, by the way, when it comes to the Top 7 hosts, I found the one in spanish to be the least annoying.
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your report ~ Thanx for posting.
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    Jul 24, 2005
    Thanks for sharing. Seems like you had a great time!!

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