I need my DIS CON buddies help......


Has a heart bigger then all of
Aug 18, 1999
Hey guys. I really want to change my avatar.I have no idea what I want. Maybe something from DIS Con, or a tiara? I really do not know. Can you guys help ??? Any ideas???
Maybe we could put the lime green antennae on your Gloworm?? You know, the ones you had at JR? Just a thought.
Brian, that's a great idea! I love that!! I can still see Glo singing with those fuzzy little thingy's bopping around on top her head!! That would be perfect! :D

ok, is anyone talented enough to add green fuzzy antenna things to my gloworm???
anyone??? Isn't there anyone out there, that can help little old me????

I am here Glo.. but I cannot help you.. I ask you for help on computer things.. I am sure when Pat sees this, he will help you.. he must be working tonight.. :)
;) thanks Ms. Mackey...I know you would if you could.... :D
Glo, honey, I'd help you, too, but I know less than nothing about putting in extra stuff. I'm sure a Pat will try to come up with something for you. :)

I want green fuzzies even if they weren't mine...they were actually marsha's...she met me the day I arrived with those things on her head. I almost died laughing. I got to borrow them when she got her NYPD hat...almost stole them on her!!!
I wish I could help you too, glo, but unfortunately I am not that technically inclined...but I am learning, so maybe someday...LOL

I can't wait to see them on your gloworm, though!! LOL
I like those fuzzy green antennas...I have been thinking I should have bought a pair for myself...would love my glo worm to have them....lol

I have been very busy the last few days...I will try and see what I can come up with.
how about this, Sunshine?



I am not sure???

I like the sun, but better than the glo worm???

can I have fuzzy green antenas on my glo worm, Patric?? Can that be done?

I know I am a pain in the neck....I am sorry...

the only way to add the antenas is to make you gloworm smaller because of the 50x50 size limitations on the board. If you want me to do that it will be probably 20% smaller for me to fit in the antena.

Let me know what you want me to do.
can you give it a try Pat??? You are a doll....I owe you one!
Pat???? Can you remove the original hat fuzzy, the thing hangig to the right.


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