I need a new board game


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Nov 14, 2002
Our group is ready to play something new so I'm looking for suggestions.

Here are some of the games we have played and liked:

Eldritch Horror
Random Encounters
Terraforming Mars
Killer Bunnies
Race/Roll for the Galaxy

What are some of your favorites?
Knowing ages might help for suggestions.

I like Mancala. Easy to learn and games can be played in a few minutes. Good for any age. My 6 year old plays with me.


And not for a group - but I found a great "Chess" starter game called "No Stress Chess" which is super fun for kids just learning, or anyone who does not want a stressful long Chess game ;) You can just take the cards with you (for example on a cruise) and use any Chess set. I suppose 4 could play if you wanted a team of 2 on each side ...
I’m a fan of the classics: go, chess, checkers, backgammon, Uno.

I think it’s called 3D Stratego if you can find it its fun. Boggle is great for word lovers. Have a love hate relationship with Monopoly. Great mentally but doesn’t bring out the best in many people.

If you want a step up from Terraforming Mars, try Ark Nova. On the same level as what some of what you listed, I'd go with Gizmos, Wingspan, Everdell, or Fantastic Factories. Slightly easier: Flamecraft is huge in this house right now, or Dog Park (we're all about the cuteness these days) or anything from the Welcome To line.
We really like pandemic. It's a cooperative game where goal is to stop a pandemic. Each game is different and it's exciting.
Project L was the best game that I have played in years. It can take up to four people and is the game I would rescue from a burning building or take to a deserted island as long as I had someone to play with. Highly recommend!

We also enjoy Splendor and have the Cities of Splendor expansion.

We are a gaming family that has hundreds of games spread between our households. I don't game as much anymore, but my son has picked up my enthusiasm and buys a lot and is willing to share. I ordered The Animals of Baker Street on Amazon's Black Friday sale and I am looking forward to playing it over the holidays.
Hogwarts Battle
Telestrations - if a big enough group

Various Jackbox games are fun too...
Your gaming list is solid! If you're up for a twist, try Double Deck Pinochle. It's a classic card game with a strategic edge, might add a different flavor to your sessions. Plus, it's great for groups.


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