I know where you can get a complete set of DS State Pins


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Aug 18, 1999
I'm not usually one to make a big deal about ebay auction items, since I'm a frequent visitor, but this item (#1070065656) is incredible. It's amazing enough that someone has a complete set of the Disney Store state pins, but to have the audacity to ask $4000 for them is amazing! The list price for these 54 pins is approx. $225! And on top of that, they have a whole listing of other 'rare' state pins in addition to the complete set.
Why has Disney created a situation where it seems the only people that can obtain these pins are the ones who want to profit from them, not the collectors or traders? I apologize if this post is out of line, but I think if anyone should profit from the sale of Disney merchandise, it should be Disney! What does everyone else think?
Amazing it's it? Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't there suppose to be a contest at The Disney Club where someone could win a complete set? Did anyone ever hear who won?

I am missing 13 states and 5 provinces. Boy hindsight is 20/20, we all could have called the stores on 12/15 and gotten 2 of each for approximately $20. and traded the hard ones with each other.

Oh well :rolleyes:
i could not agree with you more! i got about 35 differnt states and then decided that i was never going to get them all so i started trading them away for pins only!!! i very easily could have gone to ebay but i feel like you do ( and i hope most people do too) - that we collect for fun and enjoyment not for profit only. Then we wonder why the sharks are ruining this hobby? that auction makes me sick!!

Ditto ... this kind of auction/sale takes the fun out of collecting & trading Disney pins :(.

Hey I worked hard to put this set together - LOL!!

If you would pay $4000.00 for this set, I have some swamp land for sale.


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