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    Hi all,

    DH and I just got off the three day Wonder this weekend and I thought I would share a few quick tips and things. First, let me share that we got to the port at 11:30am (our normal time coming from the Tampa Area). The port had just opened an hour prior to that, so I was shocked when we showed up and was handed a ticket with the number "8" on it. I said to the lady, "is this my group number?" And she said, "yes" and that if would look at the bottom of the ticket that it would explain the new boarding process. Well, I've been coming on these boards for a long time, so I knew about the new boarding thing, but I hadn't recalled seeing anyone on here mention such a high number. DH and I couldn't figure it out, we only saw maybe two DCL buses on the way there and we couldn't pass them cause' they were heading back to WDW FROM the port, so we figured they had to be taking passengers that just got "off" the ship back to WDW for their land portion. Anyway, trying not to think about the high number we went to the CC line and walked right up- no wait and checked in. I asked the CM if they had called any numbers yet and she said with a smile, "No, but they should be making the announcement for group 1 any minute." The terminal was as packed as I have ever seen it. The high number thing was really starting to make me nervous and I was very curious how so many people had gotten there when the parking lot was pretty empty (we parked two rows back, and three cars over to right , next to the white covered walk way -you can't get much closer parking than that). So, since I had seen the terminal many times before, and was a tad bored I started asking people how they arrived a the terminal. Most of them said by bus and shuttle. DH and I figured those two buses we saw had seen actually then already dropped off and were heading back for more and not just picked up. I was starting to get really disappointed with arriving so early about that time, when they called group 1. Well, to make a long story shorter...I must say it went pretty quick to DCL's credit. Once they finally got the ball rolling and called group 1 and 2, they called the next ones pretty quickly. They didn't even let the line thin out before the called the next groups. It still took us an hour to get on (we got on at 12:30) and I am still not convienced it's the best system ever, but it wasn't as long of a wait that I thought it would be by the number we were given. By the time our number was called the terminal was almost empty. Personally, I wish their was a way they could let those of us on that have been there and done that and don't care to see the characters in the terminal or take pictures of the model etc. or even get the welcome onboard pictures to just let us get on when they start boarding. But, DH said they spent the money on the cruise terminal, so they want you to see it. Well, it is the nicest one I have ever seen...I'll give them that! <BG> Just don't panic when they give you a high number like I got, it does go quickly...thank goodness. :)

    Other tips:
    If you don't want to go to the pirate party or feel the need to see it, but still want to see the fireworks. Pop on your swimwear and hop in the adult jacuzzi. You can order a drink, sit back -relax, listen to some romantic music (they had a piano and singer that night) and watch the firworks from the jacuzzi. It's a unobstructed and romantic view. :)

    On the three night- the Castaway Cay Welcome Back Reception started at 5:15pm and ran til 6pm (I think). So, it's almost impossiable to attend if you have the 5:30 seating for dinner like we did. Ugh!

    The dining times are 5:30. 5:45 and 6:00 for Main seating and
    8:00, 8:15 and 8:30pm for Late.
    (We had 5:30 and were at a 7 top by ourselves -just DH and I and we were always finsished before the two other tables that our server had and got out by about 7pm every night). The dining rotation is pretty easy to figure out once you get onbaord. We had the 5:30 seating for every restaurant, every night-our time never changed, just the restaurant.

    The post office is closed at CC (couldn't see any physical reason why though) and Guest services did not have the special Bahamian stamps that the post office used to give out. But, ask anyway cause' it sounds like we weren't the first and if everyone keeps bugging them, maybe they will start selling them while it's closed at least.

    At the sail away party- besure to glace over at the terminal and you will see the CM's waving good bye with their white gloved Mickey hands. Some folks are so wrapped up in the party and stage show they miss this. They also do this too on Castaway Cay if it's not raining.

    Cabana Massage- Wonderful, but don't be too shy to ask the CM to close the window while you change out of your clothes if it will make you feel more comfortable. They are suppose to ask you this, but they may forget to and it's real easy for them to open and close the window (they do it when they first get there in the morning and before they leave anyway). Also, if you plan on swimming at all during the day or going to the beach make your cabana message later in the day and not first thing in the morning. You don't want to wash off those essential oils!

    Here's the list of movies that were playing on the FEB 2ND WONDER cruise in the theater-
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Chicken Little
    Sky High
    Glory Road

    And here is the list in the stateroom besides the Disney Movies-
    The Brothers Grimm
    Oliver Twist
    Just Like Heaven
    Wallace & Gromit
    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

    Hope this helps someone....Can't wait til we can take another Disney cruise!
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    Wow, thanks so much for typing all of that out! Fantastic tips, especially about boarding. Thanks again!
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    Thanks for the report and tips. We leave in 13 days and am getting very excited. This will be our first cruise since the new boarding procedure. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will not panic if I am given a high number. My kids have been asking about the movies. DS was hoping that The Chronicles of Narnia would be playing. Thanks again!
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    I forgot to ask ---why is the post office closed at CC?

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