I found a ten-dollar bill. What should I do with it?

What should I do with the $10 I found?

  • Donate it to the Chapel at work.

  • Use it to buy lottery tickets.

  • Treat myself to something frivolous that costs about $10.

  • Put it in my wallet with the rest of my money and not give it a second thought.

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Aug 20, 1999
It was on the floor next to a busy elevator at work. It was all folded up, which I guess is why somebody else didn't find it sooner.

I almost feel guilty about keeping it. What if the person who lost it was poor and really needed it?

So what should I do with it?


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Sep 22, 2000
Hi, Janice,
You could put in the donation box of your Church or charity of your choice!

or take your son out for ice cream...


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Jan 31, 2001
I once lost a ten dollar bill when I was about 11 years old... remember it being a big deal... looked and looked for it, to no avail. Too funny how value changes over time, as couldn't possibly tell you how much money I have in my car right now.


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Apr 12, 2003
buy some of those scratch off lottery tickets and maybe you'll win more! :rotfl:


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Jul 25, 2003
Make $800,000 with only six dollars.

and you will still have $4 leftover


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Jan 2, 2004
If I found $10 I'd put it in my WDW vacation fund! But that wasn't an option...


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Feb 1, 2000
Monkeyboy I just read that thread :rotfl: :rotfl:

I'd take Louis out for ice cream!!! Or heck, give it to him, to kids $10 is a big deal!


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Oct 31, 2002
I know this is probably stupid but here's what I'd do: I'd unfold it and tape it to the wall near the elevator. Either the person who lost it will find it (I've had the fortunate experience of being on the receiving end of such an act of kindness and I appreciate the efforts people made) or someone else will take it. Either way, it's not on your conscience - you know that you did the right thing. I've never been comfortable taking "free" money - no matter what the circumstance. That's my naive opinion but I stand by it. :flower:


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Jul 25, 2003
Bob Slydell said:
Strippers and beer

Wait -- this isn't the HS graduation party thread. :blush: :blush:
can you get both for under $10 :confused3


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Mar 30, 2004
I didn't vote because any of those options are good. If it was me, I would just put it in my wallet. There's no sense in feeling guilt over it. And there's no point in trying to give it back to the rightful owner--you would never find him/her.


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Feb 14, 2004
First I'd get excited that I found $10 and of course I'd keep it. ;)
Then I'd buy some coffee from Starbucks, a lottery ticket and a treat for Poohton. :p


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