I can't say enough about Happy Limo

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by sportears, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. sportears

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    Mar 13, 2005
    For our last 6 trips to WDW, we had a Town Car take us to and from WDW and the Airport. Our last 2 trips we used Happy Limo. They are waiting for us at the Airport with a sign. They take us imediately to our hotel. There is no waiting for a bus that makes 4, or 5 stops before we get to your hotel. We are already paying 3 bazillion dollars for our vacation, so what's an extra $120. The last 2 trips, Happy Limo upgraded us on our return trip. 2 years ago, they picked us up in a limosine at no extra cost. This year they picked us up in a Truck Limo (my daughter calls a Truckosine). Since it was her 7th trip to WDW, she had a better time riding in the limo. I think we could have ridden around Orlando all week in the Limo and she would have been more excited. Also you don't have to be back at the Hotel quite so early for the return trip. You have an extra hour at the parks.

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