how would I work this out

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  1. 55dznypal

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    Apr 16, 2010
    we have our first DCL set for 2-10 thru 2-13

    were going to stay the nite before at Disney and then go on the cruise

    when we get back were staying 3 nites at Disney so my ? is

    I know I can get ME to and from the airport but how do we get to and from

    the port to and from Disney

    so we arrive at MCO on 2-9 catch the ME to Disney the next day who picks us up and where to take us to the cruise--and then

    who picks us up from the port and takes us back to disney

    from there then we can get the ME

    thanks first disney cruise Im so excited!!!!!
  2. justhat

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    Oct 22, 2002
    You can either add transfers to your cruise, or just get a private towncar/van service. Or rent a car.
  3. HallsofVA

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    Feb 24, 2005
    In Jan we did 4nts at AKL, 4nts on the Wonder, and a day at DTD before heading home. We actually found it cheaper and more convenient to reserve a rental car from the airport for our entire stay, even after factoring in the cost of parking it at the port during our cruise. Via Priceline, we got a minivan for $19/day, and it worked out cheaper than all the combinations of ground transfers that we came up with.

    I did actually take ME from the airport to the AKL with the kids, while DH got the rental car, thinking it would be quicker and easier than trying to grab our luggage and install car seats at the airport or rental lot. Alas, our ME experience was neither magical or express, and DH arrived at the hotel probably an hour before we did! Not sure we'd do that part again!! But the rental car was great, and it gave us flexibility to go from park to park, or to go back to our hotel easily so the kids could nap mid day. It also gave us a place to store the car seats while on the cruise, and meant we didn't have to pay the rental car agency or the town car company for car seats.

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