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    My husband and I have gotten the annual pass off and on and finally have it again. We just got them again a couple weeks ago. Now that we're bringing our two year old with us, we'd love to get photos of all of us together.

    We've been going to Disney every Saturday, and my initial thought was to buy a photopass plus and then spend one of our Saturday's just doing character meet and greets and rides with the photo opportunity. BUT, our two year old is not going to tolerate that. She loves the rides, even Pirates of the Caribbean, and probably won't tolerate meeting more than maybe Merida and Buzz Lightyear (her favorite). It seems like photopass plus is more tailored to someone there for a few consecutive days rather than a weekly visitor like us. Ideas for how to use photopass? Any way to get a photo pass card ahead of time?
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    You can preorder the Photopass Plus card, but it must still be picked up in the parks. That being said, the official rule is the card is only valid for 14 days, but we had a nice person make the card valid for longer. If we needed, he said he would have made it valid up to something like 50 days. But in order for that to work, you would need to wait 30 days from the first use to enter your Photopass ID into your account online, then order your Photopass CD no later than 60 days from first use or pay for the extension on the photos.

    So, this would give you a fair amount of time to put photos on the card. I don't guarantee that everyone would offer to do that for you, but it never hurts to ask.
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    What might work better for you is a new product called Attractions +, which is just for ride photos and costs $44.95. You could still do the couple of meet and greets that your daughter would go along with and just buy those separately, which would still cost less than PhotoPass +. You can read about Attractions + here:
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