How to spend Saturday after cruise, before flight


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Jan 1, 2002
Suggestions please on how to spend Saturday after we disembark. We are planning to rent a car from Avis. We have a 8 month old daughter. Our flight is not until 7pm.

Susan Bryan and Grace
We are also going to rent a car since our flight is not until 7:00 p.m. Our plans are to go to downtown disney, my husband and son may visit disney quest, but I plan on getting some shopping in. We talked about maybe going by Celebration Village but I think our son would enjoy downtown disney better.
If you have not experienced it before, I only have 4 words of advice "Ron Jon's Surf Shop"! Its a cool Store in Cocoa Beach that sells anything having to do with the Beach. Believe it or not, its open 24 hours a day. You can find beach gifts for just about anybody.
Can you please tell me where you are renting the car from? Are you picking up the car at or near the port? We also have a late flight and just want to rent the car for the day. We would like to pick it up by the port and drop it off at MCO. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Were first timers! Thanks!
Echo the Ron Jon thing, we always take a trip there when we are in Florida. Apres cruise we will be headin' there again. Cabella's for the beach goer!!!:smooth:
As Dave suggested we are renting our car from Avis. I printed the pages dealing with car rentals from Dave's site and got all the information needed (Thanks Dave).

For us, with such a long wait having a car for the day will be the best option.
We just got back 1/19 from the Magic and didn't have a flight until late afternoon. We checked out the Universal Boardwalk area and Downtown Disney. Also, we took this as an opportunity to check out the new Animal Kingdom Resort. You are allowed in there as a guest. Our kids loved going in back and watching the giraffes, zebras, etc. All for free :) The Wilderness Lodge is also spectacular, if you've never been inside you can check it out as well.
Could you please clarify your meaning as to the Wilderness Lodge? Are you saying that because we are going to be guests of Disney on the Magic, we can also have free admittance into the Wilderness Lodge to look around? If we have a late flight, after the cruise, I'd love to have the Disney transfer take us to the Wilderness Lodge to spend some time looking around, then can we later get the Disney transfer to the airport to catch our flight? We won't have a car, we have only the Disney transfers. We have two young children and none of us has ever been to the Wilderness Lodge, so that would be a great activity for us! Thanks for your input.
Unfortunately I can't help you with how the transfers work since we had a rental car. I can tell you that anyone can gain admittance to Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Resort etc. This is not dependent on being a cruise customer or anything else. But again, I don't know if the transfers will take you there or not.

Dave from Marietta help?!?
You would definitely want your own car rather than a car service if you're going to be spending time browsing around various resorts. I'm not sure about the Wilderness Lodge, but most of the other resorts have controlled access so that people don't come browsing around unless they're guests.
Could someone clarify what Downtown Disney 7 other close by areas may have of interest to offer our group 4 adults 3 kids ages 6/8/10?

We will have from noon on friday throughout that night to kill before our cruise the next morning and wondering what else we can do but poolside at our hotel?

They have increased security at the resorts but you can still visit without staying there.
We went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Wilderness lodge. When we got to the gate we told them my wife wanted to shop in the Animal Kingdom store. The guard asked for my driver’s license, wrote down my number and gave us a one-day parking permit. (There is no charge unless you use valet)

Animal kingdom Lodge is a must see if you have time. It is beautifully decorated. You can eat at the restaurants or walk out on the walkways that overlook the animals. They have an outdoor fireplace with oversized rocking chairs. Inside fireplace, carvings, etc. anyway, it is a great place to visit. We visited (without staying) at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Wilderness Lodge for an anniversary afternoon activity last year.


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