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Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by amcnj, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. amcnj

    amcnj DIS Veteran

    Sep 10, 1999
    How far in advance can reservations for Discovery Cove be made, and how can they be made (phone, internet, other)??? Thanks for any help.
  2. cantwaittogo

    cantwaittogo Earning My Ears

    May 17, 2000
    I am also interested in finding out this information. Also, does anyone know the cost? I thought it was $100/person? Thanks.:smooth:
  3. Cindy B

    Cindy B <font color=blue>Have taken some furniture polish

    Oct 8, 2000
    look on thier website..

    The cost depends on what you want to do. For the all inclusive, is about $200 per person plus tax.

    Sounds expensive, but with a "Free" 7 day pass included For Sea World, it comes out to be fairly inexpensive...
  4. CSX2

    CSX2 Mouseketeer

    Oct 4, 2000
    We made our reservations by phone. We paid $199 each for those in our party doing the dolphin swim and $109 each for those without the swim. Yes, it is expensive but IMHO well worth it. We didn't even use the SeaWorld passes and still thought it was a great deal. We would definitely do it again. It makes a great last day of vacation since it is so relaxing and you don't have to deal with any crowds.
  5. Puffy2

    Puffy2 DIS Veteran

    Feb 28, 2000
    We booked online - they automaticly ask online for the full amount to be charged - you CAN select an option in which you just put down a deposit - it just takes looking at the screen a little to find it (it might say "options" or something like that next to the payment info - just click on it.)
    I thought a non dolphin swim was $89.00 - have they gone up (again)?

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