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    I will start by saying we would be at least 18-24 months from being able to do this, perhaps even 4-5 years, and I have to get my husband to fall in love with WDW on our May vacation, but we are somewhat interested in getting info about DVC. I have been reading some threads here, talking to a couple of friends that have it and read the brochure that has been sent to our house. I went to a timeshare meeting with my mom a couple years ago, does Disney offer one of those? Is there a fee to attend and could we attend one while on vacation in May? How high pressure is the sale? I would like to get the info, be upfront that we are not buying at that meeting but still interested, and we will call them when we are ready.
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    There's a Preview Center at the Saratoga Springs Resort at WDW. There are Guides (sales persons) that you can meet with to discuss the program in as much detail as you wish. They do not charge to meet with them. You can arrange a meeting at by stopping at any of the DVC Information desks at any resort, theme park or Downtown Disney. They will also drive you over to the Preview Center from your resort or theme park.
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    But do not sign anything before you leave the Preview Center. You have lots of homework to do.
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    You can also visit the open house at boardwalk, they have a 2 bedroom that you can walk thru.
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    No fee and certainly not high pressure. Highly recommend you schedule a visit while you are there just to get the basic overview. Our daughter and her husband did this in '08 and took the year to get their finances in order and went back in '09 and bought.

    Beware, while the guides are informative and in some cases charming they are salesmen and they will press you on the resorts they are currently "selling", AKV and Aulani. Those will be the ones they will offer incentives on. You can buy the older resorts although they won't bring that up. Be aware that there is an active resale market especially for the older resorts (but you don't have to mention that :laughing:). The guide will just try to scare you with the restrictions that you will have if you buy resale and those restrictions are very minimal.

    By all means go to the presentation, take your time and do your homework. If nothing else you may get some fast passes and maybe even ice cream.
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    If it were me I would rent a reservation from a DVC owner to try a villa for myself. Read as much as you can about the DVC here on the DIS prior to your vacation and tour.

    :earsboy: Bill

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