How to activate all my tickets….and put them all in the app?


Earning My Ears
Feb 21, 2012
Need guidance…finally decided where to splurge and spend last year’s vaca $…purchased all the “stuff”….wondering what to do with these print at home tickets.

So we have a suite at PB arrive Monday, leave Friday. 3 park military tickets included in the package (which I guess act like an annual pass until Dec31 this year only). I have to activate those tickets at the USO ticket window since we have to prove eligibility after we check into PB. So I will have my PB room key and some sort of ticket card for the lanyard at this point?

i have a 3 day photopass package which has to be activated at one of three photo places in the parks. I want the 3 days to be T/W/Th, not the Monday we arrive. Does that mean I cant activate it until Tuesday AM or can I do it Monday night when I activate the military tickets and tell them the photopass package is for T/W/Th? Is it another thing for the lanyard? I was told to get one card for each person in our party in case we do rides separately and want all the pics. Does it work mainly like disney where you tap this card under your ride picture when you exit the ride?

i have a cabana for Wednesday at VB. It is a single. They wouldnt let me give any preference for non-guaranteed location…after being on hold for 75 minutes just to make the reservation I wasnt going to argue. Is there a place to call to give a location preference?

I also have VB EP+ tickets purchased separately for this VB cabana day since Portofino guests only get EP unlimited for the 2 main parks, not VB. Yeah, part of the “splurge”. Is this something they have to take my print at home tickets and somehow “attach” to my military ticket that we will activate already on Monday? Or will these be separate things for the lanyard too?



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Apr 21, 2003
I’m not up on the military packages but I’m sure someone will post to help you for those questions
I have no experience with that package

We have had some posts in the past how that package was handled

the hotel is Loews and the park tickets and /or packages is handled by UO

tickets and room keys are separate from each other


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Oct 17, 2016
With the photo package don’t activate until you’re ready to use it. Yes it’s another thing for the lanyard. You go to photo kiosk- sometimes manned sometimes it’s a stand alone. Find your ride photo and then add it by scanning the QR code on your photo pass card. Same thing with character meet and greet.

the VB thing will only be for that park so it’s stashable in your bag once they’ve scanned it. Should connect to your tapu tapu so it knows you have the EP