how much for cake with choc castle?


DIS Veteran
Nov 6, 2001
I have seen pictures of a cake that was 2 layers (one 10 inch and one 6 inch) and had a white choc. castle on the top. How much did anyone pay for this? I have been quoted 87.50 at the Poly and 325.00 at the Grand Floridian! (ouch!)
I ordered a "mini" wedding cake just yesterday from the GF. It was $25. They asked if I wanted the castle on top. I asked how much that cake would be and was told it was the same price. I have one ordered for our first night along with a Cindy's plate. I ordered through Private Dining since we'll be staying there and I wanted it delivered to our room.
I believe the chocolate castle itself is $125, plus the cake cost, so I'm guessing the price the GF gave you is for exactly what you saw. It was probably someone's wedding cake. FYI - if you are doing a special thing - for the same $125 you can get a crystal castle from the store on Main Street and have it put on top of the cake, you get to take it home then, and it is very pretty. That is what I topped our wedding cake with. Didn't want to do the chocolate - pretty but I wouldn't want to eat it, so it would just sit there and get gross.


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