How much do you rent your points for


May 22, 2000
I am thinking of renting our our remaining points for 2001 since we are having a baby and will probably not make it back home in time to use them.

How much should I rent them for? I know $10 seems to be the going rate, but that seems low to me.

What price have you rented points at before?

Is there a way to figure out how much the points are really worth when renting?
Eck, DW and I are in the same boat. First baby due in December. I just rented our
December reservation to another member for 10.00 a point. He was a very nice man from
Canada. He ran out of points and did not want to borrow from next year. The transaction
went smoothly, no problems. Just remember we did not join DVC to make money, we joined
to treat ourselves and our families to a little magic every year.

Just decide what you want to do and go into it with an honest attitude and I think that you will
be supprised.

Scott and Peg
I rent my points for $12.50 each. Don't give away your vacation time at $10 each just because you will not be able to use the time. Just remember that you did not join DVC to finance other's vacations and you are not making money at $12.50 either.
Damn straight, nuthut! I don't know why people insist on giving away their money. The rental per point should be substantially higher than $10. We should be able to charge almost up to what Disney charges for cash reservations. Simple economics. People saw what Disney was giving for Magical Beginnings and thought that was what a point was worth. If you don't know by now, Disney makes a good profit on those MB points sold back so the value of the points is much higher.

I think $10 more than covers the cost. I like that there are enough occaisonal renters out there charging $10 to make it difficult for profiteers to get more.

It is the profiteer, the person using his points as a business, the person who is breaking the spirit of the contract, that is hurting all owners.

They hurt all owners by only renting only weekdays, this makes the overall occupancy rate of the resort lower which increases our costs. It also makes it more likely that Disney could even out the differential from weekdays to weekends.

I am glad that most people are living by the spirit of the contract they signed and are only occaisonal renters. I think $10 is perfect.
Where do you get off calling me a "profiteer"? Actually, I am rather pleased that you disagree with me since you are on the minority side in all these discussions.

Why do I have to rent my points to "cover the cost"? This is America, you are allowed to make a profit. And I don't care if Disney evens out the weekend and weekday points. The way it is now, I won't go on a weekend.

Finally, I am an occasional renter myself, and do honor the LETTER of the contract. I have never seen one with a spirit. Like everybody who is a member, I signed a lengthy contract with rules and regulations and I abide by them!
QUOTE from Richyams post:

"It is the profiteer, the person using his points as a business, the person who is breaking the spirit of the contract, that is hurting all owners. "

Wondering how this /why this was interpreted as calling a specific individual a profiteer?

To paraphrase another:

"Methinks you protest too much"

P.S. I see nothing wrong with renting points for whatever the market will bear, provided all of the DVC rules are followed by both the renter and the person who owns the points.
We rented 11 points last May for $8 each. Yes, it seems cheap..but considering we just joined and found out that there were 11 points that would expire May 31st. So, we offed them for that price. Better than losing them. Now we would not sell our points at all. We barely have enough as it is, let alone sell to someone else!! :)
Please don't take me wrong. I think everybody should rent their points for whatever they want. I also think that we should get out of the mindset that points are worth $10. It has been demonstrated time and again that they are worth more.

Shelbyjosh...I think you did great to get $8 given that you were going to lose them.

My final say in the matter is that I will rent my points, if I rent any, at whatever I can get!
I didn't realize that I sparked such a debate. Cool. :D

Just so everyone knows, I am not trying to profit from this little venture. I would not even be renting the points if it weren't for the situation of having a baby and doing what works best for my family.

As far as $10 or more? My personal opinion is that based on the cash cost of a room, $10 seems low. Whether that should be what is charged, who knows.

I think it should be left to each indivudual owner and they should charge what they feel is correct for them and their situation.

Have a great day.... GO TWINS !!!
to a point. This is America and I do believe you can rent/sell your interest for any price you want (or at least try to). A true test of ownership is "can I sell it?". That being said, I also am glad that most owners do perceive a "spirit" of DVC - that it is for vacations not business opportunities. Would I rent my points in the totally unlikely event I had some that I or my family couldn't use? Absolutely! My preference would be to a fellow member needing more points to complete a reservation. The market is what sets the price - and right now the market for points is set by what most people perceive as "covering their cost". I can see this value rising as more points are sold at the higher prices.
After figuring all the cost of DVC to me, I figured my points cost me about $5.00 a point (paid cash for the ownership, divided the cost of individual points over the number of years of ownership, then added in the yearly fee per point). That will go up when the dues go up. I bought in 1994.

Anyhow....if you can get more than $10, more power to you :-). Points are points, supply and demand will govern the price. I've rented them out as cheap as $5.00 a point, to friends. I've also charged by the night, giving a discount on the room, and I think the per point price then came to $11.00 a point. All depends on what others are willing to pay.

But....I don't know how others feel...but I do not like renting out points....I feel that is my time, and while someone is using my points, I feel like I should be there! I haven't rented out points for a couple years now :-).
I've never rented points, but have stayed cash at BW end of August and paid $450 (including tax) for a 1 BR preferred.

The same wee using pts. is 254. That comes to about $12.40/pt.

I don't think it matters how much I paid for my points, but if I renting them occasionally, that somewhere a little under the $12.40 is a fair price.
Hi, I don't rent out my points to the public, but I do rent points to family!
My family is unable to afford DVC, and stay at the nicer resorts.Therfore I make resv. w/ my DVC points at OKW, etc. I charge them $10.00 a point. I would get them a room for free, but they won't go for that.
That is why I love DVC! The plan is so flexible and nice. I can have a great vacation for myself and family.
Thanks for listening!;)
This may not be quite the right spot for this question, but never mind!

I am a very new DVC member and have seen much mention of renting points - don't have any immediate plans to do it myself, but it may happen in the future, who can tell.

I'm just wondering just HOW does one go about renting the points out (or, for that matter, renting some additional points to cover a reservation)? I understand posting that points are available, but once someone wants/needs them, just how do you move them over?

TIA, Jeff
As far as I know. I will make the reservation for the person, in there name, for what they want. Payment will probably be half up front and the rest later or something like that. I think that is between two parties on what works best for everyone.

Hopefully, someone with more experience will chime in to help answer as well.

Have a great day.
Rich is definitely NOT in the minority. I don't think any of us care when someone wants to rent some points they can't use. In fact, renting POINTS is actually most fair to everyone. A person can then spend those points just like any other member. Get whatever kind of room they want, any season they want, any day they want, by buying the appropriate amount of points.

On the other hand, there are some who appear to be in DVC as a business, to make a profit. And don't kid yourself, this comes at our expense.

Just check this out:

This is not an ad to sell POINTS. It's an ad for a vacation. The restrictions on the vacation: OKW only, Studio only, Weekdays only, NO Holiday periods, are there to minimize the point usage to the seller. There's no hint that you can get a 1-BR or stay weekends on points.

By eliminating holidays, the 'seller' has minimized his exposure to between 8 and 11 points per night, or 40 to 55 points for the 5 nights.

It's obvious this 'seller' is trying to maximize a profit by selling the lowest 'point cost' vacation he can.

To those who want to sell POINTS, that's great. Do so and get whatever you can. Then the buyer can use those points just like anyone else. Some of those buyers will choose 1 or 2 bedroom units, some will choose weekend days, some may choose holiday periods. They are spending points just like any other member and are not simply trying to grab the lowest point vacation package out there.

The people renting points as a business do us all lots of harm. By renting only weekdays, they are artificially changing the usage patterns. I have gone over this so many just seems so funny that it is the same people that get bruised every time I point out the obvious truth.
Rich, yes it does seem to be the same ones (myself included) posting on this subject. Since it's been a while, maybe even a full 6-8 weeks since we discussed it, I'll add my 2¢ worth again.

Those that would like to place the "commercial" use rules at anything more than renting to family or anything that makes a "profit" or anything over dues; are (to borrow a word from my teenage daughter) "delusioned". It is wishful thinking on their part and certainly in denial of the full view and obvious intent of the legal documentation. It may or may not be harmful to the general membership, but that is irrelevant as it is part of the rules we all bought into when we paid the big bucks for DVC. I would venture to say that only in a dramatic extreme would it have any effect on the general membership much less be truly harmful to any of us. Obviously if one takes a room to rent, that leaves one less room for another member and may leave one person on the outside looking in. This is true when I use my points renting or not. It's also true when I only use my points for Sun-Fri, if I get a GV for only 6-8 people (or a 2 BR for 3-4) or if I cancel at 31-60 days out and I'm sure many other examples of practices that are common place and might happen to be detrimental to another member.

I've rented out a few times over the past 3-4 years and certainly don't consider it for profit especially since the amount I've made over my dues is less than I could have made in working an extra weekend or two during the entire time in question. I've certianly spent more time, effort and energy than I would have if I were to work an extra few sessions. I find it enjoyable to communicate with so many interesting people while discussing DVC and Disney in General. I consider those I've rented to my friends and I'm fairly certain that at least most of them feel the same way about myself.

Also, the method a person choses to rent out their points is their personal choice. As long as it is within the rules of DVC, I don't see how it would make any difference the method used, at least from a rules compliance standpoint. And I would consider the final rental price irrelevent. Ebay, Yahoo, advertise points, make reservations first; what is the difference. I personally have thus far chosen not to schedule time then rent it out, just my personal choice. The problem I have with ebay and the like is not the price or the fact they advertise that they have everything, it's the fact that some of the adds are totally misleading. Not the lack of housekeeping c**p, just that the tone of some of them are overtly misleading and some have direct untruths.

Besides as previously established on this board so eloquently recently, it would be illegal for DVC to prevent renting one's ownership even if the POS stated specifically it was against the rules.


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